When the pig's feet and ears are well cleaned and scraped, put in cold water, and over the fire to boil; when tender, put them in a jar; prepare a pickle of half a gallon of cider vinegar, whole black pepper, mace and cloves; boil up with the vinegar, and then pour over the pig's feet. Let them stand for two or three days, when they will be ready for use.

Oxford Sausage

M. A. Sadler, Aurora.

Take one pound of young pork, fat and lean, without skin or gristle; one pound of lean veal; one pound of beef suet chopped very fine together. Put in half a pound of bread crumbs, six sage leaves, a teaspoon of pepper and two of salt, some thyme, marjoram and savory shred fine ; mix well together.


Mrs. C. Bradley, and others.

Six pounds of lean fresh pork, three pounds of fat pork, twelve teaspoons of sage, and six teaspoons of pepper, six teaspoons of salt, (and two of cloves, and one nutmeg, if you prefer,) grind or chop very fine; mix these ingredients thoroughly, and pack in a jar, and pour hot lard over the top.