Pickled Green Tomatoes

S. S. Pierce.

One peck tomatoes, two quarts small white onions, one dozen green peppers, one cup salt, one cup sugar, one tablespoon of cloves, allspice, stick of cinnamon; slice your tomatoes over night, and mix in the salt. In the morning drain off the water and throw it away ; put all the ingredients together and let it come to a boil. Put away for use.


Mrs. John Corthell.

Two heads of cabbage, two heads cauliflower, one dozen cucumbers, six roots of celery, six peppers, one quart or small white onions, two quarts green tomatoes; cut into small pieces, and boil each vegetable separately until tender, then strain them. Two gallons of vinegar, one-fourth pound of mustard, one-fourth pound of mustard seed, one pot of French mustard, one ounce of cloves, two ounces of turmeric; put the vinegar and spices into a kettle and let them come to a boil; mix the vegetables and pour over the dressing.


Mrs. C. A. Rogers.

One-half bushel green tomatoes, one dozen onions, one dozen green peppers (chopped fine), sprinkle with salt, and let it stand over night; then drain off the lime, cover it with vinegar, and cook one hour slowly; drain again and pack closely in a jar; take two pounds sugar, two tablespoons of cinnamon, one pound of allspice, one each of cloves and pepper, one-half cup ground mustard, one pint horse-radish, and vinegar enough tomix them; then when boiling hot, pour it over the mixture in the jar, and cover tightly.


Mrs. King.

Take a peck of cucumbers, one peck of onions, half a peck of string beans, three heads of cauliflower, three bunches of celery, a half dozen sweet peppers; soak the whole in strong salt and water over night; in the morning drain off the brine and scald them all in weak salt and water, but before scalding cut them into shape so that they will go easily into glass jars ; add three-quarters of a pound of mustard, two packages of curry powder, and six quarts of good vinegar; put the mustard and curry powder into the vinegar, and let it come to a boil; put the pickles into the cans, and pour the liquid over them while hot. Do not cover while scalding.

Cantelope Pickles

Mrs. Earle. Take fine ripe cantelopes, wash, pare and cut into small pieces, taking out the seeds; cover them with vinegar for twenty-four hours; throw away one quart of the vinegar to each quart remaining, allow three pounds sugar to a dozen cantelopes, three ounces stick cinnamon, two ounces cloves, two ounces of allspice (spices whole), boil them with the vinegar, when well skimmed put in the fruit, boil fifteen minutes, then take out, boil and skim syrup, and pour boiling hot over the fruit.