A. Class Experiment. Tests with Meat.

Soak some ground meat for a few moments in a little cold water. Pour off the liquid and divide it into two parts.

1. Test one part by boiling it with a few drops of nitric acid, and then cooling it and adding ammonia. Test, in the same way, a bit of the meat fiber from which the juice has been soaked out. Recall and compare with the experiment on egg white.

2. Heat the other portion to simmering and observe. Then boil it. Compare with the experiment on egg white.

B. Class Experiment. The Structure of Meat.

1. Scrape a small piece of raw beef in the same direction as the fiber with a dull knife, and notice the structure. Can you see any fat among the fibers ?

2. Draw a muscle fiber as it appears under the micro-scope.

C. Prepare Broiled Meat Cakes.

1. Grind the beef, season with salt, and pepper if desired, and shape lightly into small flat cakes. Grease a frying pan lightly (a piece of the meat fat may be rubbed over the hot pan), and broil the cakes. Serve with creamed turnips.