Curant Shrub

Currant juice (canned) five teaspoonfuls, two level tea-spoonfuls of sugar and one glass of water. The juice from fresh currants may be used in the same way.

Mulled Buttermilk

One pint of buttermilk, one cup of cream, one rounding tablespoonful of flour, one level tablespoonful of sugar, one egg, well beaten. Thicken the cream with the flour. Put the sugar into the milk, and beat with a dover beater while it attains a boiling heat. Then stir in the cream, let boil a few minutes, and add the egg, pouring the hot liquid over it.

Egg Gruel

One egg yolk and one white, beaten separately, one tablespoonful of sugar, one cup of hot milk. Put the yolk and sugar into a bowl, add the white, then pour on the hot milk, and beat rapidly. Flavor with chocolate or whatever desired.

Cracker or Toast Gruel

Two tablespoonfuls of powdered toast or plain crackers, one-half cup of boiling water, one-half cup of milk, one-eighth teaspoonful of salt. Put together, boil up once, and serve. A well-beaten egg may be added. May flavor with raisins.

Rice Gruel

One tablespoonful of rice, three cups of boiling water. Cook until the rice is soft. Add one tablespoon-ful of flour mixed with two tablespoonfuls of water.

Cook ten minutes, then add one cup of milk, make hot, salt to taste, and serve.

Rice and Tapioca Gruel

One tablespoonful of rice and one of tapioca to one quart of water. Boil until dissolved, strain, season with salt, and serve.

Oatmeal Gruel

To a quart of boiling water, add two heaping table-spoonfuls of coarse oatmeal, and half a level teaspoonful of salt. Set where it will cook, but not boil, and let cook one hour or more. When ready to serve, add half as much milk or cream (warm) as you can serve of the gruel.

Indian Meal Gruel

Two tablespoonfuls of cornmeal, one teaspoonful of salt, one quart of boiling water. Have the water boiling, mix the cornmeal with a little cold water, stir it into the hot water, and let cook three hours. May make with milk instead of water, and, when made with water, add milk or cream when serving.

Barley Gruel

One level tablespoonful of barley, cover with boiling water, and let boil a minute. Drain, and put in one quart of boiling water and cook two hours. Strain, season, and serve.

Arrowroot Gruel

Mix one-half a tablespoonful of arrowroot with two tablespoonfuls of cold water, and stir it into one cup of milk which is boiling hot in the double boiler. Keep covered, and let cook half an hour. Salt to taste and serve.

Flour Gruel

Make same as arrowroot gruel, except use twice the quantity of flour that there is of arrowroot in the above formula.

Farina Gruel

Mix one tablespoonful of farina with three table-spoonfuls of cold water and stir it into one cup of boiling water and let cook slowly on the back of range or in a double boiler for half an hour, then add one cup of milk, and when hot serve.