Okra Soup - For Home Work

One quart of chicken broth, one cup of okra canned or fresh (strained), one-fourth cup of lima beans, one-fourth cup of sweet corn, one-fourth cup of cooked and strained tomato. For thickening use two tablespoonfuls of flour and one of butter. Save out one cup of chicken broth, and use it in making the thickening as directed for thickening soups.

Okra Soup - For Class Work

One cup of chicken broth, one-fourth cup of canned or fresh okra, one tablespoonful of lima beans, one table-spoonful of sweet corn, one tablespoonful of tomatoes.

Thicken with one teaspoonful each of flour and butter. Season and serve.

Save-All Soup

In a save-all soup, mix the different broths you have together. For each quart of broth fry in butter until brown one-half cup of onions and carrots mixed in equal parts, put these into the stock, and add one-half cup of celery, one-fourth cup each of turnip, parsnip and cabbage, cut fine. This will control the flavor of the soup, and you may now add bits of corn, string beans, hard-boiled eggs, etc. To finish the flavoring, add a cup of strained tomatoes, and two teaspoonfuls of chopped parsley.

Mixed Tomato Soup

Use as much strained celery as tomato, otherwise make the same as puree of tomato, page 274.

Mixed Broths with Tomato

If the bits of stock are the remains from roasts of turkey and beef, mix them and cook bones, gravy, and dressing together in cold water, strain, add a cup of strained tomato to each three pints, season, and serve. Be careful to cook only a short time, as much cooking is apt to render the mixture strong.

Mixed Soup - For Class Work.

One cup of mixed stock, one-fourth cup of beans rubbed through a puree sieve, one tablespoonful of strained tomato, one-fourth tablespoonful of sugar caramel, one-fourth tablespoonful of meat caramel, one teaspoonful of butter, one tablespoonful of flour, - butter and flour browned together. Thicken with the same amount of plain flour. The browned butter and flour does not thicken much.

Mixed Soup - For Home Work

One quart of mixed stock, colored by using cooked scraps of meat, one cup of baked beans rubbed through a puree sieve, one-fourth cup of strained tomato, four ta-blespoonfuls of sugar caramel, one tablespoonful of butter, one tablespoonful of flour. Brown flour and butter together and thicken as above. Mix all smoothly together, season, and serve.

Brown Soup - For Class Work

One-half tablespoonful of butter, one-half tablespoon-ful of flour. Cook together until brown. Add one cup of mixed stock, simmer five minutes, add one-half table-spoonful of butter and the same of flour rubbed together, and stir until smooth, and thickened a little.

Brown Soup - For Home Work

Two tablespoonfuls of butter, two tablespoonfuls of flour. Cook together until brown. Add one quart of strong mixed stock, let boil up, add the same quantity of butter and flour as above, but do not brown them. Put the butter and flour for thickening into a saucepan, and when melted put into it a cup of cold water, stir until it thickens, then pour in a cup of hot soup stock, stir until smooth, and pour into the kettle. The browned flour colors, but does not thicken the liquid.