Save your egg shells and use them to clear soups, coffee and jelly.

Dry out the egg shells; then crush them and keep them in a covered glass jar until ready to be used.

Any left-over poached or soft-cooked eggs may be returned to the hot water and cooked until hard. They can then be chopped and used with left - over meat or fish dishes.

Any left-over fried eggs, pieces of omelet or scrambled eggs will improve a meat hash.

When only the yoke of the egg is used, the white can be kept in a cup or glass, covered with a damp cloth, fastened with an elastic band; or, if only the white is used, the yolk can be kept in the same way. The whites of eggs may be used for apple float and for meringue for puddings or pies. The yolks of eggs may be used for scrambled eggs, custard, and omelet.

Egg Croquettes. Put five hard-boiled eggs through a vegetable press, or chopper. Put one tablespoon of butter or butter substitute and two of flour into a saucepan, add a half pint of milk, stir until boiling, add a half cup of stale, unbrowned bread crumbs, a teaspoon of salt, a tablespoon of chopped parsley, a dash of pepper and a half teaspoon of onion juice; add the eggs, mix and turn out to cool. When cold form into cutlets, dip in egg and then in bread crumbs and fry in smoking hot deep fat. Serve with plain cream sauce. These with peas make an exceedingly nice dish.

Cold Bacon And Eggs

An economical way of using bacon and eggs that have been left from a previous meal is to put them in a wooden bowl and chop them quite fine, adding a little mashed or cold chopped potato, and a little bacon, if any is left. Mix and mould into little balls, roll in raw egg and cracker or bread crumbs, and fry in a frying-pan; fry a light brown on both sides. Serve hot. This makes a very appetizing dish.

Floating Island (Using Up Whites Of Eggs)

Beat up whites of eggs until.stiff; gradually beat in a very little powdered sugar and drop large spoonfuls in hot milk in frying-pan. Dip milk over egg, that it may cook slightly. Take up in a skimmer and drain. Serve on soft custard with a bit of jelly on top of each spoonful.

Apple Float

To each cup of left-over apple sauce add the well-beaten white of one egg. The whites must be beaten until perfectly stiff and dry. Then whip apple sauce and egg together with an egg-whisk until thoroughly mixed. Serve ice cold.


One-half tablespoon powdered sugar to each white of egg. Beat the whites till frothy, add the powdered sugar gradually and continue beating. When stiff enough to hold its shape, heap the meringue over the pudding.

Scrambled Eggs (using up yolks of eggs).

3 yolks Dash cayenne Dried bread or toast

1 large tablespoon bacon (cut in bits) 1/2 cup milk

1/2 tablespoon butter

Prepare crisp dry toast, or use oven-dried slices of bread if on hand. Beat eggs slightly, add milk and bacon. Melt butter in hot omelet pan; add the egg mixture, and cook lightly, holding pan up from intense heat. Have hot milk ready in saucepan, dip slices of bread or toast quickly in it, put on hot platter, and pour scrambled eggs over all.

Soft Custard (using up yolks of eggs).

1 pint milk

3 yolks of eggs

Few grains salt

3 tablespoons sugar 1/2 teaspoon vanilla or A piece of lemon rind

Scald milk with lemon rind, beat yolks, sugar and salt together. Combine by pouring hot milk gradually on yolks and sugar, stirring meanwhile. Strain mixture into double boiler and cook until thickened slightly. Remove at once from double boiler and cool. If vanilla flavoring is preferred, add when custard is cold, and omit the lemon rind.