Sit down and make a list of the various foods that you have been in the habit of buying in packages.

Think of the money you might have saved had you bought them in bulk.

Make up your mind to buy them in bulk in the future, if it is possible for you to get them.

It will pay you to break yourself of the package habit. There are many foods sold now in packages only that your grocer will be glad to carry in bulk as soon as he knows that you and his other customers want them.

The manufacturer, the wholesale dealer and the retail dealer keep on the watch all the time to find out what the public wants. Of late years the public has seemed to want food in attractive packages at a high cost. As soon as people learn that by demanding it they can get exactly the same food in bulk, kept in a perfectly sanitary manner, for about one-half to two-thirds the cost of package food, the manufacturer, the wholesaler and the retailer will meet the demand.