Care Of Kitchen Floor

A linoleum-covered floor is the most easily kept clean. Next best is a hard-wood floor. Wipe or brush up at once anything spilled. Cover grease-spots on wood or stone with flour, starch, or powdered chalk, which will absorb the grease. Cold water poured upon grease as soon as it is spilled will harden it; the greater part may then be scraped off. Sweep the kitchen floor thoroughly once a day. With care it will not need washing or scrubbing oftener than once a week.

How To Sweep

Before beginning to sweep, see that no food is left uncovered in the room. Sweep from the edge of the room toward the centre. Sweep with short strokes, keeping the broom close to the floor. Turn it edgewise to clean cracks. When the dust has been gathered at one spot, take it up with a short broom and a dust-pan, and, if possible, burn it at once. Never sweep dust from one room into another. Always sweep a floor before washing or scrubbing it.

How To Scrub A Floor

Soft-wood floors must be scrubbed. Provide two pails of cold or lukewarm water; a stiff scrubbing-brush; a large, soft, but not linty cloth; and sapolio or any good scouring soap. Dip the brush in water, then rub it over the sapolio. Look for grease-spots and take them out first. After the floor has become wet you cannot see where they are. Scrub with the grain of the wood, doing a few square feet at a time. Dip the cloth in clean water, and wash the part that has been scrubbed. Use no more water than you need. Wet the cloth again, wring it as dry as you can, and wipe the floor. Proceed in this way until the whole floor has been cleaned.

Care Of Hard-Wood Floor

On a hard-wood floor use little water or none at all. Wipe it with a cloth moistened with a very little kerosene, - a teaspoonful or two to begin with, and as much more when that has evaporated. Rub hard with another cloth until the wood is perfectly dry. Window-sills and all hard-wood finish may be cleaned in the same way.

Care Of Oil-Cloth

Wash oil-cloth with warm water and milk, - one cupful of skim-milk to one gallon of water, - and wipe dry with clean cloth.

Cleaning Paint

To clean paint, provide whiting, two basins or pails of water, and three clean, soft cloths, - woollen is best. Take a little whiting on a damp cloth, and rub it on the surface to be cleaned. Do not let drops of water trickle down the paint. Wash off with a second cloth and clean water. Wipe dry with a third cloth. Clean a little at a time, leaving the cleaned part dry before going on.


After sweeping a room dust the woodwork, furniture, and movable articles with a soft cotton cloth. Spread the cloth out and gather the dust into it, folding it in as you work. Shake it frequently out of the window. In the kitchen where there are no delicate articles to be injured by moisture, use a damp cloth. To have it just damp enough, wet a part of it, wring this out, fold the damp part and the dry together, and squeeze them. When the room has been dusted, wash the cloth and hang it to dry.