Raw eggs are often prescribed., Break the egg into a glass, and let the patient swallow it whole.

Egg Gruel

(Adapted from Mrs. Lincoln's Boston Cook-book.)

Egg, 1. Hot milk (not scalded), 1 c.

Sugar, 1 t. Nutmeg or lemon juice to flavor.

While the milk heats, beat the yolk of the egg till thick and light colored, the white till stiff. Stir into the yolk the other ingredients in the following order: Sugar, milk, beaten white, flavoring. Serve hot in a glass placed on a plate covered with a doily.


Eggs, 1. Sugar, 2 t. Lemon juice, 1 1/2 tb.

Wine, 1 or 2 tb., or Brandy, 1 t., or Nutmeg.

Beat the egg till thoroughly foamy; stir in the other ingredients.

Shirred Egg

Break an egg into a buttered cup or egg shirrer; let this stand in a pan of hot water in the oven till the white jellies. Season and serve in the same dish placed on a plate.