Serve gruel hot in a cup on a small plate or small tray covered with a doily.

Oatmeal Gruel

Oatmeal, 1/4 c. Cold water, 1 qt.

Salt, 1 t.

Cook these together in a double boiler for two hours. Press through a strainer, dilute with milk or cream, reheat, and serve. The well-beaten white of one egg stirred into the gruel makes it more nutritious.

Cornmeal Gruel (Adapted from Miss Farmer's Boston Cooking School Cook-book.)

Cornmeal, 2 tb. Flour, 1 tb.

Salt, 1 t.

Cold water, about 1/4 c.

Boiling water or hot milk, 3 c.

Mix meal, flour, and salt; stir into them enough cold milk or water to make a thin paste; and pour this into the hot milk or water. If water is used, cook one hour in a saucepan ; if milk, three hours in a double boiler. Serve hot, diluted with milk or cream.

Shredded-Wheat Gruel

Shredded-wheat biscuit, 1. Salt, 1 t.

Boiling water, 1 pt. Milk, 1 c.

Cook biscuit, salt, and water together for twenty minutes, stirring occasionally. After adding the milk, strain.