The continued demand for this textbook has prompted this new edition.

In preparing it, the first aim has been to bring the subject-matter up to date; the second, to adapt it for use in both rural and city schools in all parts of the country.

The text on Food in Relation to Life, the Preservation of Food, Food for Babies, and Digestion, has been largely rewritten. Two new chapters have been added, one on the Serving of Food, and one on Laundering. Every other chapter includes new matter which embodies the results either of scientific progress or of practical experience.

Among the many persons who have contributed to the preparation of this edition by giving information or by making helpful suggestions are Miss Cora M. Winchell, Assistant Professor of Household Arts Education at Teachers College, Columbia University; Dr. Hermann T. Vulte, Assistant Professor of Household Arts, Teachers College; Miss Sadie B. Vanderbilt, Instructor in Household Arts, Teachers College; Miss Amy Logan, Instructor in Household Arts, Horace Mann High School; Miss L. Belle Sage, Instructor in Biology, and Miss Ada Roe, Instructor in Household Economics, Washington Irving High School, New York City; Miss Helen Munch, Miss Clara Pancake, Miss Helen Banquo, Miss Mamie Gearing, Miss Marion C. Ricker, Dr. Augusta Rucker, Miss Agnes Daley, and Miss Eleanor Kalbfleisch.

Miss Florence Willard, Chairman of the Department of Household Economics, Washington Irving High School, has rendered valuable assistance in many ways.

Mrs. Max West, of the Children's Bureau, United States Department of Labor, has been of material assistance in the preparation of the section on Infant Feeding.

The authors desire to express their cordial thanks for the information courteously and readily given by many experts in the United States Department of Agriculture, among them Dr. Charles F. Langworthy, Miss Caroline L. Hunt, Mr. Robert Milner, and Mr. Harold L. Lang of the Office of Home Economics; Mr. L. A. Rogers of the Dairy Division, Dr. J. Arthur LeClerc, Dr. Martin N. Straughn, Mr. Carleton Bates, Miss Ruth Greathouse, Mr. Calvin G. Church, Mr. Walter C. Taber, Miss Anne E. Draper, and Mr. Edward M. Chase, of the Bureau of Chemistry. Miss Mary E. Cresswell, in charge of Girls' Canning Clubs, has read the manuscript of the sections on Microorganisms and Canning, and has assisted materially in the preparation of these and of some other portions of the book.

Especially are thanks due for the courtesies extended by Miss Claribel R. Barnett, Director of the Library of the United States Department of Agriculture, and the help given by her staff, including the staff of the branch in the Bureau of Chemistry.

The Household Arts Library of Teachers College has also been of service, and the privilege of its use is fully appreciated.

The proof has been critically read by Miss Margaret M. Holt, Miss Agnes Daley, Miss Jennie B. Jameson, and Miss Eleanor Kalbfleisch of the Department of Household Economics of the New York City Public Schools.