Conley, Emma. Nutrition and diet - a textbook for secondary schools. Am. Book Co. 1913. $.60. (Useful for pupils.)

Conley, Emma. Principles of cooking. Am. Book Co. 1914. (Chiefly practical. Has chapter on teaching in rural schools.) $.52.

Forster, E. H. and Weigley, M. Foods and sanitation. A textbook and laboratory manual for the high school. Row, Peterson, and Co. 1914. $1.00.

Greer, Carlotta C. Textbook of cooking. Allyn and Bacon. 1915. $1.25.

Kinne, Helen and Cooley, Anna M. Shelter and clothing. Mac-millan. 1913. Foods and household management. Macmillan. 1914. Each $1.10. (For use in high and normal schools.)

Kittredge, Mabel Hyde. Practical home-making. A textbook for young housekeepers. Century. 1914. $.50.

Morris, Josephine. Household science and arts. Am. Book Co. 1913. $.60. (Suggestive along practical lines. Contains, besides chapters on cooking, short chapters on other household topics, including household accounts and home-maker's duty to herself, also one on school-gardens.)

The following pages contain advertisements of a few of the Macmillan books on kindred subjects

The Health Series Of Physiology

And Hygiene

By M. V. O'shea

Professor of Education, University of Wisconsin, Author of "Dynamic Factors in Education," etc., and

J. H. Kellogg

Superintendent of The Battle Creek Sanitarium, Author of "Man, The Masterpiece," etc.

Health Habits.....$.45

The Body in Health . . . $ .65

Health and Cleanliness . . .55

Making the Most of Life . .65

The O'shea and Kellogg Health Series of Physiology and Hygiene is devoted to the education of children for health. It presents a complete course of instruction, covering every phase of the child's physical health and welfare. These books and the lessons in each book have been written in the fullness of knowledge of the subject and with a deep and sympathetic understanding of the nature and the needs of children.

The characteristic features are:

I. The lessons encourage children to form health habits. They supplement the instruction given in physical training, play, and exercise toward the formation of habits of posture; and they establish the child in the right habits of bodily maintenance, rest, recreation, and personal hygiene.

2. The lessons harmonize the health work of the school, the home, and the community. They teach children also how to be of service to themselves and others in emergencies.

3. In these lessons children are taught the elementary facts and principles of physiology and hygiene. They are taught to understand with sympathy the machinery of the human body, its needs and processes, its purposes and functions ; and they are taught to build up the fortifications and defences of the body against disease.

The Health Series of Physiology and Hygiene is adapted in every feature for use in elementary schools. The four books make a complete and noteworthy course of instruction. Each book is, however, complete in itself and can be used independently.

The Macmillan Company

Boston New York Dallas

Chicago San Francisco Atlanta

The New Geographies

By the late Ralph S. Tarr and Frank McMurry First Book.......$.65 Second Book.....$1.10

The Tarr and McMurry New Geographies represent ideas that make the teaching of geography produce results. Distinctive features are :

I. The emphasis of humanized geography. The physiographic and geological studies in geography are made subordinate to the industrial activities, the history, the education, and the development of the people.

2. The basis in home geography. In the beginning of the course and throughout the course, the study of geography is constantly related to the pupils' own experiences.

3. The stimulus to self-activity. Pupils are taught how to study, led to think about human problems, and encouraged to use thought rather than memory in their study.

4. The organization of material. The material of instruction is grouped under topics; topics are grouped under main topics. The individuality of each topic is recognized. There are frequent comparisons with the United States as a basis, and reviews.

5. The use of the type method. Wherever it can be used to advantage in presenting geographical concepts, in developing the ideas of institutions, regions, or industries, the type method is used.

6. The appeal to the interest of children. Interest is gained and held by an adequate treatment of topics worked out in sufficient detail to make the meaning clear.

In every feature The Tarr and McMurry New Geographies are in harmony with the principles of modern pedagogy. They challenge comparison.

The Macmillan Company

Boston New York Dallas

Chicago San Francisco Atlanta

English Spoken And Written

By Henry P. Emerson

Superintendent of Education, Buffalo, New York, and

Ida C. Bender

Supervisor of Primary Grades, Buffalo, New York

Book One, Lessons in Language for Primary Grades.....

Book Two, Lessons in Language, Literature and Composition Book Three, Practical Lessons in English Grammar and Composition ...................

$.35 .50


The English Spoken and Written Series of textbooks in language has gained recognition for merit in teaching elementary English effectively. The characteristic features of the series are:

I. Definiteness and preciseness of aim. The chief aims of the English course - the mastery of oral and written expression and the development of the power of language appreciation - are kept constantly before the teacher and pupil.

2. Constructive language work. Interesting, progressive, and constructive language lessons are organized into a complete, definite, and effective course of instruction. In this course, oral English plays an important part. It is the basis of instruction and an important factor in the development of every topic.

3. Effective correlation. The language work is correlated with the other subjects of elementary instruction and with the material of instruction that is to be gathered by the pupils out of school life. The reading done in school and at home is, likewise, made the basis of particular individual language lessons.

4. Well planned treatment of language and grammar. Language training is the main purpose of the series. Training in English grammar is given its proper place in the course. It is introduced and emphasized at the right time.

5. Reviews. There is ample provision for review work. Every new principle is developed with a sufficient number of exercises for practice and review. Cumulative reviews are also provided.

The success with which English Spoken and Written has been used indicates that it endures well the test of use.

The Macmillan Company

Boston New York Dallas

Chicago San Francisco Atlanta

The New Sloan Readers

By Katherine E. Sloan

Author of "Primary Reading "

The Primer . . . $ .30

The Second Reader....$ .35

The First Reader . .30

The Manual for Teachers....25

The New Sloan Readers is a new series of method readers, designed to develop in the shortest possible time by the simplest and most direct methods the independent power to read.

The Primer. In The Primer the child proceeds from the story to the sentence and learns to recognize quickly and to read naturally the first simple lessons, sentences, and sight words. From these lessons he passes naturally to the first lessons on phonetic elements. Reading lessons, phonetic drill lessons, and word-building lessons succeed each other in pleasing variety throughout the book.

The Primer is designed for the first half year of school work. It teaches the child as a memory requirement to recognize seventy-two sight words; to give correctly the sound of the first twenty-seven simple phonetic elements; to repeat from memory a select list of simple rhymes and poems; and to read a goodly number of complete stories.

The First Reader. The First Reader gives special emphasis to the development of the power to read simple phonetics. These phonetic lessons are taught in connection with lessons on splendid stories and poems for continued reading and drill.

The Second Reader. The Second Reader aims to establish the child in the independent power to read. Charming lessons in story and poetry make up the reading content of the book. These offer the opportunity for drill in appreciative and expressive reading.

The Manual. The Manual for teachers is an aid to effective teaching. It explains the plan and discusses in detail the methods that are used in systematizing the work and in teaching the daily lessons.

The Macmillan Company

Boston New York Dallas

Chicago San Francisco Atlanta