Corn Croquettes

1 pt. grated corn, (or

1 can of corn well drained) 1 pt. stale bread crumbs

2 tablespns. flour.

1 egg salt

Mix, shape, bake. These croquettes may be breaded only. They may be used as garnish for a timbale if shaped in cones or balls, or served with cream sauce as a separate course.

Celery Croquettes

1 cup mashed potato

3/4 cup finely-sliced celery

1 - 1 1/2 teaspn. butter

2 tablespns. chopped nuts

(not too fine) salt

Do not cook celery. Mix all ingredients while potato is hot. Cool, shape, egg and crumb. Stand in cold place until ready to bake.

Bread Croquettes

1 tablespn. butter 1 egg

2 tablespns. flour salt

1 cup milk bread crumbs

Heat, do not brown, butter, add flour and stir smooth; pour milk in hot, when smooth, remove from fire, add salt and egg and enough bread crumbs to shape. Cool, shape into balls or rolls, bake. Serve as a garnish or as a separate dish with or without sauce. The mixture may be flavored with some of the sweet herbs or minced onion.