1 pt. lentils

1/2 cup raw nut butter a few bread crumbs, or

1/4 cup browned flour No. 1

1 small onion chopped salt sage 1 egg

5/8 - 3/4 cup water

Cook and mash lentils, add nut butter and onion which have been cooked with salt 1/2 hour in the water, then the browned flour or the crumbs, sage and beaten egg; more salt and water or crumbs if necessary for right consistency. Press into well oiled mold or brick-shaped tin, bake, covered, in pan of water about 1 hour or until firm. Dry in oven 10 m., out of water if necessary. Let stand in warm place 5 m. Unmold on to platter, garnish. Serve with sauce 6. 16. 18. 54 or 57.

Flavorings of roast may be varied or omitted.

1 cup chopped nuts might be used in place of raw nut butter.

1 cup stewed tomato may be used for liquid.

For people with good digestion, the lentils may be ground through a food cutter instead of being put through the colander.

Chick Peas Roast

Subtitute chick peas for lentils in lentil roast.

Peas Roast

1 pt. mashed, dry, split or whole green peas, 1 to 2 eggs or whites of eggs only, or a little fresh cracker dust. Bake as lentil roast until firm only. Serve with tomato cream sauce or almond cream, tomato or celery cream sauce. Peas require no flavoring, but celery or celery salt may be added, serving with plain cream sauce.

Sister Boulter's Red Kidney Bean Loaf Cook and crush or grind red kidney beans, add salt and sage, mold. Serve cold, sliced, with or without oil, or use for sandwiches. A few crumbs may be added if necessary, the loaf baked, and served hot with any suitable accompaniment.