1/2 pound shelled Brazil nuts

3/4 pound dry sifted breadcrumbs

1/4 pound brown sugar

1/4 pound flour

4 eggs

1/2 pint grape juice

1 nutmeg, grated

1 cupful almonds

1 cupful pinons (if you have them)

1 pound seeded raisins

1 pound currants

1/2 pound orange and lemon peel, shredded

1/4 pound shredded citron

1 teaspoonful salt

Mix all the fruits; add the flour and stir until each piece is floured. Blanch and chop the almonds; put the Brazil nuts through the meat grinder; add the bread-crumbs, mixing with the hand, and then add the chopped almonds and the pinons that have been washed and toasted. Beat the eggs without separating until very light; add to them the grape juice. Add this to the dry mixture, and work with the hand until all the bread-crumbs are moist, not wet. Now add the fruit and the nutmeg. Mix this again with the hands until thoroughly blended. Pack into greased moulds or tin kettles, leaving at least an inch at the top for swelling. Cover the kettles and stand them in a boiler on a rack. Add sufficient hot water to about half cover. Cover the boiler and boil continuously for eight hours, replenishing with boiling water as that in the boiler evaporates. Take them from the fire and lift the lids until the puddings cool. Then replace the lids and hang the puddings in a cold place. These may be made in the fall and will last all winter. At serving time, stand the kettle in a small quantity of hot water and boil for thirty minutes or an hour.