Montreal (Montreal Beauty)

Of American origin; tree a strong grower and very ornamental.

Fruit large, roundish obovate to roundish oblate, bright yellow, mostly covered with rich dark red, a beautiful fruit; dots white, minute; cavity acute, slightly russeted; stem very long; basin flat, corrugated; calyx closed; segments large, divergent; flesh yellowish, rich, firm, acid. September, October.

Crab Apple Variety: October Crab

October Crab.


Originated by Peter M. Gideon, Excelsior, Minnesota.

Fruit very large for a crab, roundish, truncated, regular; surface greenish yellow, mostly covered with dark marbled red, with darker crimson splashes, a handsome fruit; dots very minute, white, obscure; cavity acute, with large patch of russet; stem long; basin wide, shallow, wrinkled; calyx closed. Core closed; tube conical; stamens median. Late fall.


Origin, America.

Fruit medium, roundish; surface a rich orange yellow, often with much open net-veining of russet; dots minute, white, obscure; cavity acute, with trace of russet; stem very long; basin very shallow to flat, corrugated. Core open; cells ovate, slit; seeds plump, rounded; flesh light salmon yellow, with yellow veinings, rich mild subacid, with sweet aftertaste, good. September.

Pride Of Minneapolis

Originated in 1855 by James Wyman Elliott, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Tree immensely productive.

Fruit medium, oblong conic; surface greenish yellow; dots white, obscure, minute, suffused; cavity obtuse, furrowed, often slightly russeted; stem very long; basin flat, corrugated; calyx closed; segments long, divergent. Core closed; tube funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; flesh white, juicy, acid, good for culinary. Late fall, early winter.

Pringle Sweet

Originated in the Cha plain valley in Vermont; town uncertain.

Fruit slightly below medium, round; surface bright red; flesh mild, sweet, very good to best; use dessert, cooking, and market. Late September.

Quaker Beauty

Fruit medium, roundish conic, obscurely angular; surface smooth, a clear pale waxen yellow, with bright red blush; dots white, very minute; cavity acute, regular, trace of russet; stem long, slender; basin shallow, slightly corrugated; calyx closed; flesh white, juicy, sweet, good. Late fall.

Queen Choice

Origin unknown.

Fruit above medium, round conical; surface crimson; flesh mild acid, very good to best. Season, October in Northern Vermont and Canada.

Red Siberian

Origin, France.

Fruit about three-fourths of an inch in diameter, very regularly formed and rather flat. Skin smooth, of a lively scarlet over a clear yellow ground, and, when the bloom is rubbed off, is highly polished. Stalk nearly two inches long, and very slender; calyx small, slightly sunk. Fit for preserving in September and October. (Downing.)