Blue Pearmain

Fruit very large, nearly regular, roundish to roundish oblong, very slightly conical; surface pale yellow, almost wholly covered with large dark purplish splashes and stripes, mixed nearly solid red on sunny side, the heavy white bloom over dark red ground gives the fruit a bluish color; dots distinct, white, russet, minute, some large, gray, with russet centres; cavity wide, deep, obtuse, some stellate russet; stem short; basin shallow, smooth, some with trace of russet; calyx open; segments flat convergent. Core partly open; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median. Flesh firm, moderately juicy, yellowish, spicy, pleasant, rich subacid, very good. October to February.

Apple Variety: Blue Pearmain

Blue Pearmain.

Blushed Calville (22 M.). - Origin, Russia. Hardy and desirable at the North as a very early apple.

Fruit medium, conical, angular, ribbed; surface yellowish white, with slight blush; dots white, minute, suffused, obscure; basin broad, corrugated; calyx closed; cavity often wavy, often green, sometimes slightly russeted; stem long. Core wide open, clasping; cells large, slit; tube broad, conical; stamens median; flesh white, fine-grained, juicy, good. Early summer.

Bode (No. 385)

Origin, Russia; desirable for early summer at the north.

Fruit medium, oblate, somewhat angular, sometimes unequal; surface smooth, polished, yellowish white to white, rarely with faint, blush; dots large, white, suffused; cavity wide and very shallow, green and russet; stem thick, very short; basin wide, wavy, fine corrugations about the eye; calyx closed; segments erect. Core closed, meeting; tube broad, but very short; stamens median; flesh snow-white, juicy, subacid, tender, good to very good. Early August.


Origin, Russia.

Fruit medium, roundish to roundish oblong, obscurely angular; surface green, occasionally with a faint bronze blush; dots obscure, numerous, minute, white; cavity wide, regular, obtuse, with slight stellate russet; stem short; basin wide, shallow, slightly corrugated; calyx open; segments divergent, large, leafy. Core rather small, meeting; cells obovate, entire; tube conical; stamens basal; seeds many; flesh white, juicy, tender, pleasant subacid, good. Winter.

Apple Variety: Bogdanoff



Named after Dike-warden Boike, of Germany; tree received from Russia. Fruit medium, oblate conical; surface smooth, clear yellow, sometimes with blush; dots very obscure, many, minute, white; cavity wide, regular, deep, obtuse, with radiating russet; stem long; basin wide, medium deep, wrinkled; calyx open or closed. Core open; cells round; tube conical; stamens median; seeds short, round, few; flesh white, firm, juicy, fine-grained, sprightly, refreshing subacid, very good. Winter.


Origin, North Carolina; tree upright, spreading, an early and abundant bearer.

Apple Variety: Bonum


Fruit medium; form very regular, roundish; surface roughened by russet dots, yellow, mostly covered with solid deep crimson and obscure stripes and splashes of dark red; dots distinct, numerous, russet, mostly large, a part with dark centre; cavity regular, wide, obtuse, often with a little green russet; stem long; basin wide, very shallow,slightly corrugated; calyx closed; segments flat convergent. Core small, closed; cells ovate, much slit; tube funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; seeds numerous; flesh white, often stained next to the skin, firm, tender, juicy, rich aromatic mild subacid, very good. November to December.