Origin, Russia; as grown in the Northwest this variety very closely resembles Oldenburg, but the question of their identity has not been settled. Some growers prefer the Borovinka as an improved Oldenburg.

Fruit medium, roundish, truncated, regular, surface greenish yellow, mostly covered with stripes and splashes of dark crimson mixed and marbled on sunny side and overlaid with whitish net-veining; dots white, obscure, few; cavity acuminate, white, regular, with trace of stellate russet; stem medium; basin rather abrupt, regular, corrugated in bottom; calyx closed; segments divergent, long, pointed. Core closed, axile, sessile; cells round, entire; tube conical; stamens marginal; seeds plump, sharp-pointed; flesh white, juicy, sprightly acid, good. August.

Apple Variety: Borovinka


Bough, Sweet (Large; Yellow Bough). - Origin, America; an excellent early sweet apple, especially for dessert use in harvest-time.

Fruit above medium, regular, oblong ovate, slightly conical; surface smooth, clear, pale greenish yellow; dots distinct, numerous, minute, russet, with green bases; cavity regular, deep, sometimes russeted; stem long to very long; basin smooth, regular, narrow, shallow; calyx closed; segments erect convergent. Core nearly closed, clasping; tube conical; stamens median; flesh white, very tender, juicy, very sweet, too sweet for cooking, good. July and August.

Bradford (Kentucky Redstreak)

Origin obscure; supposed to be Tennessee; tree upright, vigorous, and productive annually.

Fruit medium, roundish, slightly conic; surface greenish yellow, shaded with dull purplish red, and indistinctly splashed and striped; dots numerous, large, light, having gray centres, sometimes the number of dots give appearance almost as if mottled; stem medium, calyx closed. Core small; flesh whitish, tender, juicy mild subacid, good to very good. December to March.

Breskovka (152 M.). - Origin, Russia; a hardy variety of the Yellow Transparent type; tree productive, with round somewhat spreading top.

Fruit medium, roundish, regular, often somewhat ribbed toward the calyx; surface smooth, waxen, transparent, clear greenish yellow, becoming a clear white when ripe, no blush nor stripe; dots greenish, minute, numerous, suffused in the transparent skin; cavity regular, acute, with a little russet; stem quite long; basin shallow, regular, usually fine wrinkles around the eye; calyx closed. Core closed; flesh snow-white, crisp, fine-grained, very juicy, subacid, very good. July, early August.

Breskovka much resembles Bielgorod (No. 86 M.), which is identical with Resonant (No. 352), but the stem of Breskovka averages much longer, the fruit is somewhat ribbed, the basin averages wider and shallower, and the cavity is wider.


Originated 1872 near Dover, Minnesota, by Mrs. Mary Brett.

Fruit large, roundish, regular, truncated; surface yellow, with dark crimson stripes on sunny side; dots white, minute, obscure; cavity deep, regular; stem short; basin wide, regular, abrupt, often finely wrinkled; calyx closed. Core closed, clasping; tube conical; stamens median; flesh white, juicy, sprightly subacid, good. Early winter.