Golden Russet (English Golden Russet)

An old English variety; tree of strong, spreading, rather irregular growth, forming a bushy head, an early bearer.

Fruit medium, very regular, roundish, slightly conical; surface pale greenish yellow mostly covered with russet; dots distinct, few, gray; cavity regular, obtuse; stem short; basin smooth, medium, leather-cracked; calyx open; segments erect convergent. Core open; cells ovate, entire; tube conical; stamens median; seeds plump, short; flesh firm, rich, spicy, pleasant, mild, slightly subacid, very good. Jan-ary to May.

Golden Sweet

Origin, Connecticut; tree very vigorous, spreading, round headed, an early and heavy bearer.

Fruit large, round, very regular; surface very smooth, becoming unctuous, clear, rich, golden yellow; dots green, minute, few, distinct, a few minute russet dots; cavity rather deep, wide, regular, acuminate, with faint trace of russet; stem long, slender at insertion, yellow; basin smooth, shallow, regular; calyx closed; segments divergent. Core open, regular, meeting; cells obovate, entire, abaxile; tube conical; stamens median; seeds numerous, small, pointed, plump, light brown; flesh yellow, fine-grained, juicy, rich, aromatic, very good August and September.

Apple Variety: Golden Sweet

Golden Sweet.

Golden White (Nos. 978, 979, 981). - Origin, Russia. This name is not descriptive but was retained for the present by the Russian Nomenclature Commission.

Fruit large, roundish, somewhat tapering, sometimes angular; surface yellow, with dark crimson splashes, mixed and marbled; dots large, grayish white, distinct; cavity shallow, wide, with radiating patch of russet; stem medium; basin shallow, narrow, corrugated; calyx half open. Calyx tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; flesh yellowish white, pleasant subacid, good. Late fall, between Oldenburg and Longfield.

Golding (American Golden Pippin)

An old American variety; tree of strong growth with round spreading top, not an early bearer, but very productive with age.

Apple Variety: Golding


Fruit medium to large, roundish oblate, inclining to conic, obscurely ribbed; surface yellow, sometimes a brownish blush in sun, often slightly netted with thin russet; dots few, gray; cavity large, deep; stem short, moderately stout; basin broad, open, slightly corrugated; calyx closed; segments pointed, slightly recurved. Core rather large; flesh yellowish, breaking juicy, rather coarse, rich, aromatic, subacid; very good. November to February.

Grandmother (No. 469)

Origin, Russia; the Russian name Babuscheno means grandmother.

Fruit medium or above, regular, roundish oblate, somewhat conical; surface green, with dull red cheek, obscurely striped; dots large, numerous, white, some are areolar with whitish bases; cavity very wide and shallow, regular, russet, the russet often extending out in a large irregular patch; stem very short and stout; basin rather narrow and shallow, regular; calyx closed; segments broad, large, erect convergent. Core closed; cells axile, ovate, slit; tube conical; stamens basal; seeds not many, plump, short; flesh firm, whitish, juicy, subacid, good. Early winter.