Cole Quince

Origin, Maine.

Fruit large; form oblate conical, angular, ribbed toward the base; surface yellow; dots distinct, numerous, russet, with light bases; cavity acute, regular, with large radiating patch of russet; stem short; basin narrow, abrupt, corrugated; calyx closed; segments erect convergent. Core open; cells ovate, slit, roomy; tube conical; stamens median; seeds plump, dark; flesh white, spicy, subacid, good to very good. August in southern Iowa.

Ralls Genet (Janet, Neverfail)

Origin, Amherst Co., Virginia, on the farm of Caleb Rall; tree vigorous, spreading, very productive. It puts forth leaves and blossoms much later than other varieties and thus escapes late frosts.

Apple Variety: Quince, Cole

Quince, Cole.

Apple Variety: Ralls Genet

Ralls Genet.

Fruit medium, or above, oblate, conic, regular; surface smooth, yellowish green, striped thinly with dull red, mixed red on sunny side; dots distinct, many, minute, white; cavity regular, acuminate; stem medium, stout; basin wide, smooth, shallow; calyx closed; segments connivent. Core closed, clasping, small; cells axile, ovate, slit; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds large, flattened; flesh whitish yellow, tender, juicy, sprightly subacid, very good. Late winter and spring.


Origin, eastern Pennsylvania; tree vigorous, rather spreading, very productive, shoots dark, with large, light green foliage.

Apple Variety: Rambo


Fruit medium, regular, oblate, large specimens roundish oblate and flattened at ends; surface greenish yellow, with bright red stripes and splashes, coloring sometimes nearly solid on sunny side, with a rich bloom; dots many, small, distinct, some large russet specks; cavity wide, deep, regular, green; stem medium to long; basin wide, shallow, abrupt, slightly corrugated; calyx small, closed. Core open, clasping; cells obovate; tube conical; stamens marginal; seeds many, large, angular; flesh greenish white, tender, delicate, juicy, aromatic, vinous subacid, very good. October to December.

Ramsdell Sweet (English Sweet)

Origin, Connecticut; tree vigor ous, upright, an early and heavy bearer.

Apple Variety: Ramsdell Sweet

Ramsdell Sweet.

Fruit above medium, regular, oblong, slightly tapering, truncated; surface smooth, yellow, almost wholly covered with solid dark red, with indistinct stripes and splashes, with blue bloom; dots many, large, gray, very conspicuous; cavity regular, deep, acute, with large stellate russet patch; stem short, medium or long, often red; basin narrow, abrupt, nearly smooth; calyx half open; segments erect convergent. Core closed, clasping; cells elliptical, slit; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median or basal; seeds short, plump; flesh yellow, tender, juicy, firm, rich, very sweet, very good. October to February,