Medium, obtuse, obovate, pyriform; color light green, but yellow when ripe, with numerous brown and green dots, sunny side reddish brown; stalk one inch long, stout, set at an angle in a shallow cavity with one side raised. Flesh white, tender, quite juicy, sweet, pleasant, good. Season, early. Valuable for a near market. Does well on the quince. Canada.


Large, pyriform, nearly long obovate, with unequal sides; color yellowish brown, usually with crimson shading next the sun; dots brown; stalk short, stout, fleshy at base, oblique, and inserted at top of neck with slight trace of cavity. Flesh white, buttery, melting, and usually rich in flavor. Season late autumn. Widely grown. France.

Clapp Favorite

Large, obovate, or ovate pyriform; stem one inch long, stout, inclined, and inserted in slight cavity; color pale yellow, marbled, and splashed with crimson, with russet patches.

Flesh white, fine-grained, juicy, buttery, melting, rich, perfumed, very good. Grown across the continent. Massachusetts.

Pear: Clapp Favorite

Clapp Favorite.


Medium to large; color bright yellow; quality good to very good. It is sold as "seedless" by some growers. It rarely shows seeds and the leathery carpels which surround the seeds of apples and pears are absent. Considerably planted in Kansas and Ohio. Kansas.

Cornice, Doyenne Du Comice

Large, roundish pyriform, nearly pyramidal; color greenish yellow, and bright yellow when fully mature; in interior climates it has a fine blush in the sun; stalk short, stout, and inserted in a small cavity. Flesh white, fine-grained, melting, sweet, very good to best. A good shipper even after it gets mellow. France.


Large to very large; long obovate in form, regular; color pale yellow when mature, and very smooth and fair; stalk one to one and one-quarter inches long, slender, inserted in narrow deep cavity. Flesh white, melting, buttery, and quite rich in flavor, very good. Popular market variety in Colorado and Utah. New York.