Bunch medium, oblong, somewhat conical, slightly shouldered, fairly compact; berry medium to large, white or greenish yellow, with some whitish bloom. Flesh tender, vinous, juicy; quality good. Season, earlier than Concord. An amateur variety mainly, but is grown commercially in some sections. Ohio. Labrusca.


Bunch medium, ovate, compact; berry medium, round; color purplish, nearly black. Flesh firm, juicy, sprightly, sweet, good. One of Munson's hybrids, prized in the Southwest. Texas. Hybrid.

Lenoir (Black Spanish)

Bunch medium to large, shouldered if well grown; berry small, round, dark purple, nearly black, with light bloom. Flesh tender, without pulp, juicy, sweet, vinous. Grown South for dessert use and making red wine of exquisite flavor. It is also grown in Europe for wine-making. North Carolina. AEstivalis.

Lindley (Rogers' No. 7)

Bunch large, long, quite compact; berry medium, round, color pale, with violet bloom. Flesh sweet, juicy, high-flavored, very good. Needs mixed planting. Planted well across the continent. Massachusetts. Hybrid,


Bunch and berry of size of Worden; color red. Season, between Moore Early and Worden. A new variety, coming forward in States east of the lakes, of much promise.


Bunch medium, rather long, roundish, very compact; berry large, round, pale to dark red, with thin bloom. Flesh quite tender, juice uncolored, with foxy odor; quality quite low. Considerably grown in Southeastern States. Tennessee. Labrusca.