Buch medium, shouldered, compact; berry medium to large, roundish, greenish yellow, with bloom. Flesh sweet, juicy, and usually regarded better than Concord. A seedling of Concord, and is about the same in season. Grown quite largely for market east of lakes and Southeast. Missouri. Labrusca.

Massasoit (Rogers' No. 3)

Bunch medium, shouldered, rather loose; berry large, round; color claret red. Season, in advance of Concord. Flesh light-colored, juicy, vinous, with tender center. Grown east of the lakes. Requires mixed planting. Massachusetts. Hybrid.


Bunch very large, compact; berry large to very large. Flesh pure, sweet, sprightly, vinous, very good. Season, as early as Jewell. A new variety, with good record in Ohio.

Merrimac (Rogers' No. 19)

Bunch medium, rather short and round; color black, with some blue bloom. Flesh greenish white, juicy, vinous, half tender, sweet; quality very good. Needs mixed planting. Grown east of lakes and in Kansas and Colorado. Massachusetts. Hybrid.


Bunch large, even, long, shouldered, compact; berry very large, roundish, black, and covered with a rich bloom. Flesh sweet, juicy, rather rich, vinous, good. A seedling of Worden, succeeding well in the West and where tested. Illinois. Labrusca.


Bunch large, long, shouldered, quite compact: berry medium to large, round, black, with light blue bloom. Flesh light green, vinous, rich, quite juicy, very good. Season, early October. A good keeper and a shipper of high quality. Ontario, Canada. Hybrid.

Missouri Reisling

Bunch medium, shouldered, quite compact; berry below medium, round, greenish white. Flesh or pulp nearly absent. Like the Herbemont, it is, as A. J. Downing once said, "a bag of wine." Quality good for the table or the making of white wine. Missouri. Riparia.


Bunch medium, shouldered; berry medium to large, round, black. Flesh vinous, sprightly, good. Season of Hartford.

Grape: Martha


Has been favorably reported in many sections as hardy, free from mildew, and a good bearer. New York. Labrusca.


Bunch small to medium, compact, often shouldered; berry medium, round, black with blue bloom. Flesh melting, vinous, sweet, with pleasing aroma and flavor. Somewhat later than Concord. Grown for dessert and red wine in the South. Missouri. Riparia.

Moore Early

Bunch somewhat smaller than that of Concord, roundish conical, rarely shouldered, quite compact; berry large, round, black, with thin bloom.. Flesh vinous, juicy, with rather firm center, and slight foxiness; quality good. Season in advance of Concord. Needs longer pruning than most other varieties. Popular in nearly all the States. Massachusetts. Labrusca.


Much like Delaware in bunch and berry, but its color is darker red. Flesh greenish, pleasant, vinous, juicy; quality very good. Season, very early. Double-starred east of lakes and valued in many localities. Canada. Hybrid.


Bunch above medium, shouldered, compact; berry medium, round; color black. Flesh tender, sweet, rich; quality nearly best. A new variety, coming forward rapidly in the South. Texas. Hybrid.