Hart (Hart's De Soto)

Large, oval, purplish red over orange, with blue bloom, and many small yellow dots; stem slender in shallow flaring cavity; suture a mere line. Flesh yellow, very good. In quality it is superior to the De Soto, and the tree stands drought far better. Americana. Iowa.

Harrison (Harrison's Peach)

Medium to large, roundish oblong; color light red on light yellow ground, with thin rosy bloom; stem long and slender. Flesh rich, juicy; pit partly free; ripens early in September. Americana. Minnesota.

Plum: Harrison

Harrison. Hawkeye.


Roundish oval, often oblong conical; color yellow ground, covered with red and purple; dots numerous, gray; stalk short, in slight cavity; suture a mere line. Flesh firm, but melting, with pleasant flavor; quality good; cling. Americana. Iowa.


Large, roundish oval, flattened at stem end; color deep red, with numerous large dots and thick lilac-purple bloom; stalk medium, inserted in shallow cavity; suture on surface, but well defined. Flesh yellow, firm, with Wildgoose-like flavor; quality good; no astringency when cooked. Season, early. Americana and Angustifolia hybrid. Iowa.

Plum: Hunt



Size medium to small, roundish oval; color lively yellow, shaded with red, mottled, and with numerous small dots; suture slightly depressed. Flesh very juicy, pleasant, subacid in flavor; quality fair to good. Season, early August. Americana. Iowa.