Bunch roundish, heavy, compact, often shouldered; berry medium, oval, light green, with yellow cheek, and a light bloom. Flesh juicy, sweet, delicious. Season, a little later than Concord. Regarded east of lakes and South one of the best dessert varieties. New York. Labrusca.

Red Giant - Bunch medium, compact; berry very large, reaching in Texas one and one-quarter inches in diameter; color dark red. Flesh tender, sweet, agreeable, but with some muskiness. Needs mixed planting. A success in the Southwest. Pennsylvania. Hybrid.

Salem (Rogers' No. 22)

Bunch medium, roundish, shouldered, compact; berry large to very large, round; color chestnut red, with some blue bloom. Flesh juicy, vinous, sprightly, quality good. A commercial variety in dry climates of the West where free from rot. Massachusetts. Hybrid.


Bunch medium to large, often shouldered, compact; berry medium to large, roundish; color black, with blue bloom. Flesh firm, meaty, juicy, vinous, rich, very good. Grown in Ohio, and is profitable on certain soils and over the South. But the bunch is so compact that it is quite subject to rot except in dry climates. New York. Hybrid.


A popular dessert and market variety, grown in North

Grape: Rebecca



Grape: Salem

Carolina and Kentucky, described, "Berry round, very large; color black; quality very good to best." Season, medium to late. Use, dessert and market. Georgia.


Bunch medium, compact; berry medium, tender, sweet, vinous; quality very good to best. Season, early. Said to be free from rot and mildew. Ohio.