Class VI

Pound Apples (Pfundaepfel, Rambouraepfel).

Form: Large, and very large, of quite irregular form, sometimes flat round, sometimes longish, one half smaller than the other; mostly with isolated, broad, flat prominences extending out over the fruit.

Skin: Smooth and shining; firm, often tough; rarely traces of russet.

Flesh: Coarse-grained, loose, mostly with predominating acid and but slightly spicy.

Core Cells: Mostly very large and open, but sometimes closed and with hollow axis.

Orders and Suborders as in Class I.

Class VII

Rambour Reinettes (Rambour-Reinetten).

Form: Medium size, large, and quite large fruits of more or less Calville-like or irregular form, with broad, sometimes marked, prominences around the curvature of the eye or also over the entire surface.

Skin: Quite firm, seldom quite smooth, mostly with russet traces, ground-colored or only inconstantly reddened on sunny side, never striped.

Flesh: Crisp (breaking), sometimes fine and sometimes coarsegrained, of high, sweet, vinous flavor.

Core: Mostly wide-celled, open and closed.

Order 1. Skin smooth; 2. Skin rough.

Suborders as in Class I.

Class VIII

One-colored or Wax Reinettes.

Form: Small, medium, and large, of regular round or flat round form, seldom longish, without marked prominences.

Skin: Sometimes smooth and shining, sometimes with russet traces, especially on curvature of calyx, in a few sorts becoming unctuous, without red blush or with only a little red on sunny side which is not constantly present.

Flesh: Firm or marrowy, fine-grained, of high, sweet vinous, sometimes very excellent flavor.

Core: Usually regular and closed.

Orders and Suborders as in Class VII.

Class IX

Borsdorf Reinettes.

Form: Small, at the most of medium size, very regular, round or flat round.

Skin: Smooth, shining, with isolated warts and russet patches, ground-colored, colored and also indistinctly or even quite purely striped.

Flesh: Firm, very fine-grained, of high, peculiar sweet, and sweet vinous flavor.

Core: Nearly always regular and closed, only seldom with hollow axis.

Orders and Suborders as in Class I,

Class X

Red Reinettes.

Form: Small, medium, and large fruits of various forms; sometimes globular and flat round, sometimes longish, with mostly smooth basin, which is only rarely made uneven by flat prominences.

Skin: Shining, mostly smooth, only seldom with russet traces, colored or striped on greenish yellow, light yellow, but never fully golden yellow ground-color; the red blush usually pure and without russet traces.

Flesh: Delicate, crisp, sometimes marrowy and very spicy, of sweet, vinous, high flavor, here and there reddened under the skin.

Core: Sometimes open, sometimes closed.

Order 1, ground-colored. Order 2, striped.

Suborders as in Class I.