Class XI

Gray Reinettes, Leather Apples, Russets (Graue

Reinetten, Lederaepfel).

Form: Small, medium, and large, of globular and flat round, seldom longish form, and mostly very regular.

Skin: Roughened by patches, markings, and entire coverings of russet, seldom colored; the ground-color gray greenish yellow to dull yellow; the red color, when present, is not pure because of russet traces.

Flesh: Delicate, marrowy, sweet, sweet vinous, and quite spicy (the true leather apples); or a spicy sweet (fennel apples).

Core: Regular and closed.

Orders and Suborders as in Class I.

Class XII

Gold Reinettes.

Form: Medium and large, flat round, globular, and longish fruits, with basin regular or ribbed; not rarely with broad, flat prominences extending over the surface.

Skin: Quite smooth, rarely entirely smooth, with more or less of russet traces, especially on sunny side, by which the red blush is often made dingy; the ground-color high yellow and golden yellow, the over-color sometimes shaded, sometimes striped. The fruit of young trees smoother and softer to the touch than those from older, which are always rougher.

Flesh: Very delicate, juicy, marrowy, often yellowish, very spicy, and mostly of high, vinous, sugary flavor.

Core: Sometimes open, sometimes closed.

Orders and Suborders as in Class X,

Class XIII

Stripelings (Streiflinge).

Form: Small, medium, large but not very large fruits of very variable form, largely roundish, with the bulge or curvature high on the fruit, conical and ribbed.

Skin: Smooth, shining, sometimes delicate, sometimes tough, often with bloom, striped and shaded (marbled), striped, rarely with russet traces.

Flesh: Sometimes firm and granular, sometimes also spongy, more often reddish under the skin, usually pure vinous, more rarely sweet-sour and sweet; aroma mostly wanting.

Core: Mostly regular and closed.


1. Mataepfel, with wide basin, uneven apex, of flat, round or longish globular form.

2. Bean Apples (Bohnaepfel), with very shallow basin and oblique apex; longish round, often of oblique form.

3. Round Stripelings, fruits with even apex; longish round or flat round form.

4. Pointed Stripelings, fruits with small very narrow apex and of longish-pointed or roundish-pointed form.

5. Ribbed Stripelings, fruits with apex, made irregular by ribs or rib-like prominences; the bulge is also uneven.

Suborders as in Class I.

Class XIV

Pointlings (Spitzaepfel).

Form: Of mostly medium and only rarely very large size; of longish, longish conical, or blunt conical, often irregular form.

Skin: Smooth, shining, delicate, seldom with bloom, ground-colored or colored, never striped.

Flesh: Loose and tender, sweetish and vinous to pure acid.

Core: Regular, mostly closed, sometimes with hollow axis.

Order 1. Ground colored; 2. Colored.

Suborders as in Class I.

Class XV

Flat Apples (Plataetpfel).

Form: Small, medium and large, flat round or flat globular, usually broader than high.

Skin: Smooth, shining, firm, ground-colored or colored, never striped, often with bloom.

Flesh: White or greenish white, mostly firm and crisp, rarely tender and marrowy, pure sweet to pure acid, never really spicy. Core: Mostly regular and closed. Orders and Suborders as in Class XIV.