Large to very large, roundish, flattened at ends; suture very distinct, apex depressed; color brownish red with dark dots and pale bloom; stalk short, stout, in narrow shallow cavity. Flesh light yellow, somewhat coarse, juicy; flavor pleasant, good; pit free. Domestica.

Peters (Peters' Yellow Gage)

Medium to large, roundish oval; color greenish yellow, often blushed, with white bloom and many yellow dots; stem short, stout, set in a large cavity; suture broad and shallow. Flesh yellowish, juicy, sugary; partially freestone; good to very good. A good variety of the Green Gage. A much longer-stemmed variety is locally grown under this name.

Plum: Peters

Peters. Pond.

Pond (Pond's Seedling, Fonthill)

Very large, oval or obovate, with short neck; color reddish violet with many brown dots and handsome whitish bloom; stem medium, inserted in narrow, abrupt, shallow cavity. Flesh rather coarse, juicy, pleasant-flavored, good; freestone. The Pond's Seedling of the New England States is small, poor in quality, and not true to name.

Pride (Shipper's Pride)

Large, oval, color dark purple. Flesh firm, quality good. Grown for market mainly in New Jersey, New York, and Southern Iowa. Domestica.

Plum: Pride

Pride. Prune d'Agen.

Prune D'Agen

Medium in size, obovate, somewhat necked; color reddish purple with heavy blue broom and numerous small dots; stalk one inch long, curved, in small cavity. Mesh greenish yellow, rich, very good to best; nearly free from pit. Grown largely on the west coast, but also in States East and South to less extent. Domestica.

Plum: Purple Favorite

Purple Favorite.

Purple Favorite

Medium in size, roundish obovate, without suture; color brownish purple, with light brown on the shady side and numerous yellow dots; bloom light blue; stalk three-quarters to one inch long, in shallow cavity. Flesh juicy, melting, quite sweet, best in quality; stone free.

Plum: Purple Gage

Purple Gage

Medium size, roundish, flattened at ends; suture distinct, in a depression; color violet with light-blue bloom; stalk one inch long, curved, in narrow cavity. Flesh firm, greenish yellow, sugary, flavor best; very good. Europe. Domestica.

Purple Reine Claude (Reine Claude Violette)

Size medium, roundish; color purple with blue bloom; stem short, stout, inserted in shallow cavity. Flesh greenish yellow, rich, sugary; quality best. A valuable home variety. East of the lakes.