Medium in size, pyriform; color greenish yellow, with indistinct dots; stalk one and one quarter inches long, with fleshyring where inserted in slight cavity. Flesh dingy white, fine-grained, buttery, juicy, mild, vinous, but not very rich. Quality only good. The principal merit of this variety is its extreme hardiness. It can be grown on ridge land far north. Russia.

Pear: Flemish Beauty

Flemish Beauty.

Gansels Seckel

Small to medium, oblate, and considerably depressed; color yellow, with rough and uneven skin, mostly covered with thin russet; stalk short, stout, inserted in broad shallow cavity; basin broad and shallow. Flesh coarse, buttery, juicy, melting, quite vinous, with rich aromatic perfumed flavor, very good. Said to be a seedling of Seckel. England.


Large, roundish oblong, pyriform; color brownish yellow with red on sunny side. Flesh firm, granular, juicy, acid, poor. Grown commercially in large quantity and shipped in barrels for culinary use. Pennsylvania.

Ghislain (St. Ghislain). - Medium, obtuse pyriform or turbinate; color bright yellow, with greenish tinge in spots, and blushed cheek; stalk one to one and one-half inches long, curved, with rings at insertion in cavity. Flesh white, juicy, melting, rich, vinous, very good. Grown for dessert use in the southeastern States, and in Utah. Belgium.

Giffard (Beurre Giffard)

Medium to large, pyriform, tapering toward the stem; color greenish yellow, with marbling of red where exposed; stalk quite long, curved, and inserted at top of neck. Flesh white, melting, juicy, with a vinous flavor and pleasantly perfumed. Ripens early; very good. Widely grown for market. France.

Glout Morceau

Large, obovate pyriform, unequal, often ribbed; color green and greenish yellow at maturity; stalk one and one-quarter inches long, stout, and inserted at one side of neck. Flesh white, fine-grained, buttery, melting, rich, very good usually if, well handled. Flemish.


Large, oblong, obovate, pyriform; color light yellow, with crimson and light red where exposed, with some netting and patches of russet; stalk short, curved, stout and inserted in quite deep inclined cavity with one side of neck highest. Flesh whitish, juicy, melting, very good. Maine.

Grand Isle

Medium, roundish oblong, obtuse pyriform; color light yellow with many russet dots; skin very smooth; stalk three-quarters to one inch long, rather slender, somewhat inclined, and inserted in small regular cavity. Flesh whitish, half fine, juicy, melting, vinous, very good. Season, autumn. Tree hardier than the average. Vermont.

Gray Doyenne

Medium in size, ovate to obovate in form; color cinnamon russet with red in the sun; skin smooth; stalk short, inserted in narrow abrupt cavity. Flesh white, fine-grained, buttery, melting, rich; quality best. Popular in many States for home dessert use. France.


Large, obovate, obtuse, pyriform; color greenish yellow, with brownish cheek, and most of the surface washed, netted, and specked with russet; stalk short, stout, inclined, inserted in medium, abrupt, regular cavity; basin narrow, shallow, regular. Flesh creamy white, juicy, tender, buttery, quite vinous, good.

Pear: Goodale


Season, autumn. Grown in Alabama and southeastern States. America.