The Thrifts or Sea Pinks are excellent, tufted, grassy-looking plants for edgings and rock gardens, and are easily grown in ordinary soil. They are also easily increased in most cases by division in spring or early autumn, and by seeds if necessary. A good trade is done in the common British Thrift, A. vulgaris (or A. maritima), which has pink or rose-coloured flowers on stems 6-9 in. high. Other kinds worth growing are A. alpina, pale and deep rose; A. bracteata rubra, bright crimson; A. cephalotes (or latifolia), rose, with white and red varieties, having flower heads on stems about 18 in. high; A. juncea, rosy pink; A. Laucheana, bright rose, with a white variety; and A. plantaginea, 18 in., bright rose. A. arborea is a curious species with thickish woody stems, having tufts of grass-like leaves and reddish flowers.