A large genus, best known perhaps from the "Evening Primrose" (CE. biennis), a North American biennial, 2-4 ft. high, with beautiful sweet - scented primrose - yellow flowers. The variety La-marckiana or grandiflora is superior to the type. CE. Drummondii with grey - green wavy leaves and pale - yellow or white flowers, and CE. crassicaulis, 1-1 ft. high, with pure - white flowers, are both biennials, easily raised from seeds. CE. taraxacifolia is another fine biennial from Chili, with long trailing shoots and white flowers with long tubes. (E. amcena or Lindleyi - also known as Godetia rubicunda - is a fine annual 1-2 ft. high, having rose with a crimson spot on each petal. There are several fine varieties of it. (E. bistorta has yellow flowers with deep - red spots at the base. There is an improved dwarf form called Veitchiana. (E. triloba (or rhizocarpa) is another yellow flowered annual. There are several others closely related to and con fused with the Godetias (which see).