This is the well-known Chinese Lyre Flower, Bleeding Heart, Lady's Locket, or Dutchman's Breeches, grown so much in pots for early bloom in conservatories, and in the open and for border decoration in summer. The thickish masses of roots are imported in autumn, placed in 5-in. or 6-in. pots with a little gritty soil worked in around them. They are then stood outside and covered with soil or ashes about 6 in. deep, where the remain till wanted. From Christmas onwards they are brought into a warm greenhouse and forced into bloom for market. They sell well owing to their gracefully cut foliage, and their arching racemes of bright rosy pink drooping blossoms, to which the name of "Solomon's Tears" has also been given, as well as the others mentioned above. Other species sold by nurserymen are canadensis, white; chrysantha, yellow; cucullaria, white and yellow; eximia, reddish purple; formosa, red; and thalictrifolia, yellow and red.