These ornamental foliage plants with thickish rootstocks flourish in any good garden soil, and are easily increased by dividing the roots in autumn or spring, and also by seeds sown in spring. There is a fairly good trade done in the plants in spring at very varying prices. The following are amongst the best kinds: Fortunei, 1 ft., broad leaves, flowers pale lilac, the variety variegata having the leaves striped with white; glauca, 1 ft., leaves grey-green, flowers deep lilac; grandiflora (or subcordata), 1 ft., leaves ovate, flowers pure white; lancifolia, 1 ft., leaves lance-shaped, flowers white; the variety albo-marginata has leaves with creamy-white edges, and undulata has very wavy leaves, one form of it having streaks and blotches of white; ovata, 1 ft., leaves ovate, grey green, flowers deep purple, a fine plant; the variety striata (or medio-picta) has yellow stripes, and marginata has white-margined leaves; Sieboldiana, 2 ft., the noblest of all, with fine large whitish-green leaves, and lilac and white flowers.