Of the many species and varieties of Lachenalia known, this is the most likely to attract the commercial grower. It is a magnificent hybrid between L. tricolor (fig. 284) and L. aurea, and produces foot-long spikes of rich-yellow flowers. The bulbs cost wholesale about 30s. per 100, and may be grown in pots, pans, or hanging baskets in an ordinary greenhouse, coming into blossom about March and April. The bulbs should be potted up about August (having had a rest from the previous May), and require but little attention until the leaves begin to appear. Then watering is attended to, and with plenty of light, and a night temperature of 45° to 50° F. during the winter months, the plants come into flower in due course. The spikes may be used as "cut", but pot plants grown like Hyacinths, or hanging baskets as shown in the figure, would probably sell better.

Lachenalia Nelsoni.

Fig. 283. - Lachenalia Nelsoni.

Lachenalia tricolor, in basket.

Fig. 284. - Lachenalia tricolor, in basket.