The Palms popularly known under the names of "Corypha" and "Latania" really belong to this genus. The well-known Fan Palm, L. chinensis (which is still better known in commercial circles as Latania borbonica), is an excellent plant, easily grown, and even hardier in every way than the Kentias. It has spiny stems to its fan-shaped leaves, and is very ornamental in appearance. Plants in 5-in. pots sell for 12s. to 18s. per dozen, higher prices being realized for larger specimens.

L. australis - still well known as Corypha australis - is a very hardy Palm, smaller in every way than L. chinensis. It is easily grown, and two plants are often put together in the same pot.

It may be mentioned here that the true Latanias are ornamental Palms from Mauritius. They have tall non-spiny stems, palmate leathery leaves, which in a young state are attractively bordered and lined with red or yellow. The best-known kinds are Commersoni (or rubra), Loddigesi, and Verschaffelti (or aurea).