A fairly good trade is done in what are known as French Roman Hyacinths and in Dutch Roman or Miniature Hyacinths. The price of the former to the grower for market varies from 10s. 6d. to 20s. and 30s. per 100 for bulbs according to size and quality, the usual sizes being 12 to 13 cm. in circumference. Of late years the prices have increased greatly. The Miniature or Dutch Roman Hyacinths, obtainable in red, rose, white, blush, dark and light blue, and yellow colours, are much cheaper than the French Romans, 100 bulbs costing about 5s. Growers for cut flowers usually buy in thousands because they can secure better terms, and because it is necessary to have a fairly good supply to cut from. The White Roman Hyacinths are the most favoured for market work. Each bulb produces from one to three trusses of fine glistening-white sweetly scented flowers during the winter months, when the bulbs are easily forced. If not grown for sale in pots in the same way as the ordinary florist's Hyacinth, the bulbs of Roman Hyacinths are generally placed side by side in shallow wooden boxes on a layer of good soil, about half the bulb being left exposed. Until root action is established, however, the bulbs are kept outside or in a cool place covered with about 6 in. of sail or fine ashes, and are brought into a house having a temperature from 65° to 75° F., as they are required.