This is a popular hardy annual, 6-12 in. high, having single- and double-flowered varieties, useful for carpeting the ground over bulbous plants or beneath tali-stemmed kinds. The colours vary from white to rose, crimson, lilac, and purple, and are very effective, as the flowers are borne in great profusion, the double-flowered forms being very fine. The plants are sold in pots or boxes in spring and autumn, the com-pacta varieties being most popular.

Amongst the perennial species of Silene mention may be made of S. acaulis and its double - flowered form, a dense-tufted species with pink, rose, crimson, or white flowers; S. Elizabethan, bright rose; S. maritima flore pleno, white, double; S. Pumilio, 3 in. high, rose; S. Saxifraga, 6 in., white; S. Schafta, 12 in., purple; S. Zawadski, white.

Shortia galacifolia.

Fig. 244. - Shortia galacifolia.