A great trade is done in herbaceous Spiraeas. They are all easily grown in the open air in ordinary good garden soil, but several of them, like venusta, rose; gigantea (or kamtschatica), white; and lobata, rose carmine; as well as the common British white Meadow Sweet (S. Ulrnaria), like damp situations, and are largely used for planting by the sides of streams, ponds, lakes, etc. S. pal-mata (fig. 245), from Japan, with rosy flowers, is a charming plant; and S. Aruncus, the Goat's Beard, makes a splendid specimen, 3-5 ft. high, with feathery panicles of creamy-white flowers. S. Filipen-dula is an evergreen species with rosettes of deeply cut fern - like foliage resting on the ground, and with tall spikes of white blossoms during the summer. There is a fine double - flowered form of it, useful for cutting. The Shrubby Spiraeas are dealt with in Vol. IV, and the plant known as S. japonica in the next section.

Spiraea palmata.

Fig. 245. - Spiraea palmata.