The garden Verbena has been evolved from several species, and is largely used for the decoration of flower beds and borders during the summer months. There are many varieties and strains, including Henderson's mammoth, the Italian striped, the Auricula-eyed, etc. They are raised from seeds sown in heat, and grown on rapidly and afterwards hardened off. Special varieties, however, are raised from cuttings, and amongst these may be mentioned Miss Willmott, one of the best rose-red forms; Ball of Fire; Lord Brooke; Crimson King; Purple King; Princess of Wales, deep blue; Queen of Whites, etc. - all excellent for bedding out.

V. venosa, a fine Brazilian plant, 1-2 ft. high, with bluish-violet or lilac flowers, is a good bedding plant, and is best raised from cuttings. The old stock plants of all Verbenas are kept near the glass and in gentle warmth in winter.