Ornamental deciduous shrubs, mostly easy to grow in ordinary garden soil, and remarkable for their masses of four-petalled pure-white flowers, with masses of golden-knobbed stamens in the centre. Amongst the best-known kinds are the European P. coronarius, 6-12 ft. high, with flowers about 1 in. across. There are several varieties, such as flore pleno, double flowered; aureus, golden leaved; argenteo-variegatus, leaves variegated with silver. P. Gor-donianus, from north-west America, 6-10 ft. high, with flowers about 2 in. across. P. grandiflorus or speciosus (now referred to as latifolius), also from North America, has flowers 3 in. across. P. inodorus has large scentless flowers and quite entire leaves. P. Lemoinei (fig. 430) is a fine hybrid between coronarius and microphyllus, with flowers over 1 in. across, and has fine varieties called Boule de Neige and Boule d'Argent. P. microphyllus is a pretty Colorado shrub, about 3 ft. high, with wiry stems and small Myrtle-like leaves and flowers about 1 in. across; and P. Satsumi, from Japan, has long narrow leaves and flowers about 1 1/2 in. across. The Mock Oranges flower during the summer from May till August, and are raised from cuttings, layers, seeds, and suckers.

Philadelphus Lemoinei. (3/8).

Fig. 430. - Philadelphus Lemoinei. (3/8).