Sept. 12th

There was a capital exhibition on this occasion as far as Dahlias are concerned, and this being emphatically "the Dahlia show" of this society, we shall confine ourselves chiefly to them.

The blooms which prevailed most in the different stands were:

Shylock, scarlet; Mr. Seldon, shaded lilac; Richard Cobden, shaded maroon; Duke of Wellington, orange; Victory, rosy purple; Scarlet Gem; Andromeda; Yellow Standard; Fearless, lilac; Grenadier, crimson; Marchioness of Cornwallis, blush; Toison d'Or, buff; Black Prince, maroon; the Hero, rose; Nonpareil, red; Mynn, crimson; Privateer, yellow and red; Miss Vyse, white and purple; Gem, white and lavender; Violet Perfection; Queen of the East, blush; Louis Philippe, crimson; Hector, maroon; Box, scarlet.


Among these the best were: Belle de Nogent; Bou Maza, nankeen and white; Comte de Flandre, dark red and white; Conspicua, crimson and white; Empereur de Maroc, dark maroon and white; Gasparine Furstin Reuss, dark and white; General Cavaignac, violet purple and white; Hermina, red and white; Jenny Lind, maroon and white; Madame Wachy, purple and white; Miss Jane, purple and white; Miss Blackmore, white, with purple edging; Miss Stevens, buff, orange, and white; Œillet Parfait, orange striped with red; Picotee, yellow striped and spotted with red; Postsecretaire Hane, violet and white; Rainbow, scarlet and white; Remembrancer, rose and white; Striata perfecta, lavender spotted and striped with rosy-lilac; Vi-comte de Ressequier, purple and white.

Seedlings were numerous; Keynes' Magnificent is a shaded rosy-lilac of fine form. The same may be said of Sir F. Bathurst, crimson. Legg's Premier is a well-formed purple; also an orange flower named Earl of Clarendon. Sylph is a promising white-ground variety; Aurantia compacta, bright orange; and Gaiety, yellow, with red mottled. These constituted the principal objects in the seedling stands, with the addition of a very fine constant dark Dahlia, of medium size, exhibited by Mr. Soden of Oxford, and named Beauty of the Grove.

Fancy Seedlings

Prockter's Elizabeth will make a very desirable addition to this class; it may be described as a blush, with rosy-purple stripes well defined; Liddiard's Miss Compton is a bright red and white, but too thin; Bragg's Lady Grenville is dull white and red, but very good in form.

Hollyhocks were shewn by Mr. Chater and Mr. Bircham, the spikes forming one mass of flowers. Mr. Chater's specimens were, Mrs. C. Barron, fine rose; Delicata, flesh white; Enchantress, rose; Sulphurea perfecta; Queen, blush; Surprise, fine deep rose; Comet, rich crimson; Model of Perfection, fine French white; CocCinea, bright red; Aurantia, salmon; Rosea alba, pink and rose; and Obscura, grey purple. Mr. Bircham sent Rosea alba, shaded rose; Defiance, fine maroon; Model of Perfection, fine blush; Rosea gran-diflora, best rose; William Tell, purple crimson; Bicolor, mottled lilac; Mount Etna, fine rich crimson; Queen, blush; Achmet, dark maroon; Sulphurea perfecta, pretty; Fireball, red; Formosa, fine dark; and Magnum Bonum, fine dark.

The following prizes were awarded on the occasion for the best 24 Dahlias, dissimilar blooms (private growers): 1st, R. Proctor, Esq.; 2d, J. Howard, Esq., Burnham; 3d, J. Hopkins, Esq.; 4th, Mr. Cook. For the best 12 Dahlias (private growers): 1st, Mr. Robinson; 2d, Mr. Rowden, Newbury; 3d, Mr. Black; 4th, Mr. Batten; 5th, Mr. Pope. For the best 6 Fancy Dahlias (private growers): 1st, Mr. Rowden; 2d, R. Proctor, Esq.; 3d, Mr. Holder. For the best 24 Dahlias (Nurserymen): 1st, Mr. C. Turner, Slough; 2d, Mr. Drummond; 3d, Mr. Hunt; 4th, Mr. Gaines. For the best 12 Fancy Dahlias (Nurserymen): 1st, Mr. Turner, Slough; 2d, Mr. Harrison; 3d, Mr. Hunt. Extra prize by Mr. Keynes for the best blooms of the Dahlias named: Purple Standard, Lilac Perfection, Miss Chaplin, Sunset, Victoria Regina, Miss Blackmore, Rainbow, Miss Stevens, and Sunbeam; 1st, Mr. Black; 2d, Mr. Hunt; 3d, Mr. Pope; 4th, Mr. Cook; 5th, Mr. Edwards. Extra prize by Mr. Bushell for best blooms of Duchess, white Dahlia: 1st, Mr. Robinson; 2d, Mr. Hunt; 3d, Mr. Noakes. Extra prize by Mr. C. Turner of Slough for the best 6 blooms of Dahlias let out by himself (not fancies): 1st, Mr. Robinson; 2d, J. Howard, Esq. Extra prize by J. Edwards, Esq. for best bloom of Turner's Mr. Seldon: 1st, Mr. Robinson; 2d, Mr. Prockter. Extra prize by Mr. Hunt of Pad-dington for the best 3 blooms of Hunt's General Cavaignac: 1st, Mr. Hatchman. Extra prize by Mr. Chapman for the best single bloom of Bushell's Duchess: 1st, Mr. Noakes. Extra prize by J. Howard, Esq. for the best 2 blooms of Howard's fancy Dahlia Miss Jane: 1st, Mr. Pope. Extra prize by H. Harms, Esq. for the best 2 blooms of any one white Dahlia: 1st, Mr. Keynes. Extra prize by Mr. H. Hamilton, 156 Cheapside, for the best fancy Dahlia: 1st, Mr. C. Turner.

First-class certificates were awarded as follows: to Mr. Keynes for seedling Dahlia Sir F. Bathurst; ditto ditto Magnificent; ditto ditto Gaiety. Mr. Bragg for seedling Dahlia, Lady Grenville; Mr. Legg for seedling Dahlia Premier; Mr. Liddiard for seedling Dahlia Miss Compton; Mr. Drummond for a seedling Gloxinia.