July 23

This Society held its fourth exhibition for the season in the Surrey Zoological Gardens. The afternoon was unfavourable, and there was but a thin attendance. Carnations and Picotees were good, and shewn in great numbers. The competition in some of the classes was spirited, requiring very close scrutiny on the part of the judges to distinguish the winning stands. The following is a list of the awards.

Picotees. Amateurs, 12 Blooms

1st, M. May, Esq., for Cleopatra (May), Ophelia (May), Isabella (Wildman), Prince Albert (Marris), Ernestine (Turner), Prince of Wales (Marris), Juliet (May), Portia (May), Viola (May), King James (Headley), Mrs. Barnard (Barnard), Bianca (May); 2d, C. Lockner, Esq., for Goliath, Lady H. Moore, Mrs. Trahar, Gem, Hon. E. Annesley, Queen Victoria, Mrs. Barnard, Isabella, Juliet, Venus, Amy, and Formosa; 3d, Mr. Reeves, for Fanny, Augusta, Queen Victoria, Mrs. Bevan, Princess Royal, Enchantress, Lord Douro, Isabella, Regina (Cox), Cornelius, Mrs. Barnard, and President; 4th, J. Edwards, Esq., for Lord Hardinge, Mrs. Bevan, Prince Albert, Princess Royal, Lady Alice Peel, Miss Edwards, Duke of Newcastle, Mrs. Barnard, King James, Regina, Enchantress, and Venus; 5th, Mr. Ellis, for Princess Augusta of Cambridge, Princess Royal, Privateer, Gem, Duchess of Cambridge, Regina, Beauty (Burroughes), Jenny Lind, Juliet, Deli-cata, King James, and President.


1st, Mr. C. Turner, for Prince of Wales (Marris), Prince Albert (Marris), Gem (Youell), Lorina (Burroughes), Cleopatra (May), Goliath, Mrs. Barnard (Barnard), Princess Royal (Willmer), Venus (Headley), Queen Victoria (Green), Juliet (May), and Mary (Dodwell); 2d, Mr. Norman, for Mrs. Norman, James II., Mrs. B. Norman, Lord Nelson, L'elicata, Duke of Newcastle, Mrs. Barnard, Venus, Lady Dacre, Prince of Wales, King of Purples, and Gem; 3d, Mr. Ward, for Mrs. Bevan, Princess Royal, Prince Albert, Duchess of Bedford, L'Elegante, Juliet, Gem, Lorina, Mrs. Barnard, Venus, Regina, and Delicata; 4th, Mr. Bragg, for Gem, Sebastian, Lady Dacre, Prince of Wales, Hon. E. Annesley, Smilax, Queen Victoria (Green), Lady Alice Peel, Mrs. Barnard, Juliet, Enchantress, and Venus; 5th, Mr. Keynes, and an extra prize was awarded to Mr. Willmer.

Carnations. Amateurs, 12 Blooms

1st, Mr. Reeves, for Princess Royal, Rainbow, Brutus, Prince Albert, Grenadier, Flora's Garland, Defiance (Sharp), Paul Pry, Wm. Cobbett, Mary Ann, Georgiana, and Conquering Hero; 2d, M. May, Esq., for Bardolph (May), Cori-olanus (May), Antonio (May), Somerset (May), Duncan (May), Lorenzo (May), Beauty of Woodhouse (Mansley), Falconbridge (May), Queen Victoria (Simpson), Romeo (May), Bolingbroke (May), and Justice Shallow (May); 3d, Mr. Edwards, for Prince Albert (Hale), Hotspur, Rainbow, Lady of the Lake, Solander, Harriet, Sarah Payne, Beauty of Woodhouse, Lydia, True Briton, Flora's Garland, and Admiral Curzon; 4th, Mr. Ellis, for Ariel, William IV., Flora's Garland, Chance, Georgiana, Squire Meynell, Prince Albert, Hero of Middlesex, Lord Pollington, Beauty of Brig-house, Lady Gardner, and Harriet; 5th, Mr. Newhall, for Prince Albert, Flora's Garland, Lord Byron, Georgiana, Dido, Beauty of Woodhouse, Pauline, Lovely Ann, Princess, Regular, and Beauty of Bri°;house.


1st, Mr. C. Turner, for Admiral Curzon (Easom), Flora's Garland (Brooks), Princess Royal (Puxley), Brutus (Colcutt), Antonio (May), Duncan (May), Bardolph (May), Justice Shallow (May), Beauty of Woodhouse (Mansley), Perfection (Puxley), Ariel (May), and Queen (Puxley). An equal 1st prize was awarded to Mr. Ward, for Princess Royal, Prince Albert, Lord Rancliffe, Flora's Garland, Georgiana, Lady Gardner, Squire Meynell, Vivid, Admiral Curzon, Sir Harry Smith, Squire Trow, and Queen of Roses; 2d, Mr. Norman, for Dido, Rainbow, Queen Victoria, True Briton, Queen, Duke of Sutherland, Squire Meynell, Flora's Garland, Vivid, Count Pauline, Admiral Curzon, and Harriet; 3d, Mr. Bragg, for Brutus, Lady of the Lake, Duke of York, Prince Arthur, Flora's Garland, Lord Rancliffe, Beauty of Woodhouse, Ariel, Mrs. Barnard, Splendid, Count Pauline, and Sarah Payne; 4th, Mr. Keynes; 5th, Mr. Willmer.

Class-Shewing Specimen Blooms

20 prizes out of the 22 offered were awarded to Mr. Turner of Slough; Mr. Ward and Mr. Norman having each one. We shall content ourselves with naming the successful flowers. Some of the blooms in this class were very fine specimens, particularly May's Justice Shallow, in Carnations; a scarlet flake of the finest quality, having petals of great substance, very smooth on the edges, and full size.

Carnations. Scarlet Bizarre

1st, Puxley's Howard; 2d, Pux-ley's Emperor. Crimson Bizarre: 1st, Lord Milton. Pink Bizarre: 1st, Henry Kirke White; 2d, Twyford Perfection. Purple Flake: 1st, Puxley's Perfection. Scarlet Flake: 1st, May's Justice Shallow; 2d, May's Seedling. Rose Flake: 1st, Flora's Garland; 2d, May's Romeo.

Picotees. Heavy Rose

1st, Headley's Venus; 2d, Marris's Victoria Regina. Light Rose: 1st, Mrs. Barnard; 2d, Marris's Countess Howe. Heavy Purple: 1st, Dodwell's Mary; 2d, May's Viola. Light Purple: 1st, Lorina; 2d, Prince Albert (Marris). Heavy Red: 1st, Mrs. Norman (Norman); 2d, Marris's Prince of Wales.


Mr. Norman received a certificate for Mrs. Norman, heavy red Picotee; the edging in which is broad, and laid on very solid and firmly; white good; petal of fine substance and shape; not only the best of its class, but one of the best Picotees in cultivation. A certificate was awarded to Mr. Bragg's Duke of Wellington, scarlet bizarre, but for what reason we could not discover, for there are at least a score far superior flowers in this class already. A certificate was also awarded to his Princess Alice, a small neat yellow Picotee.

Royal South-London Floricultural Society #1

Sept. 4

This, the last exhibition of the season, was well attended; the show itself was above an average one. Dahlias, of which there were some admirable specimens, were produced in great numbers. Fancies are rapidly advancing to perfection in shape; we shall soon see them as unique in this respect as the ordinary varieties. The prizes were awarded as follows:

Amateurs And Gardeners, 24 Varieties

1st, Mr. Robinson, gardener to I. Simpson, Esq., Pimlico, with Duke of Wellington, Purple Standard, Mr. Seldon, Queen of Lilacs, Thames-bank Hero, General Negrier, Mrs. C. Bacon, Imbricata, Lady St. Maur, Standard of Perfection, Yellow Standard, Richard Cobden, Fearless, War-Eagle, Essex Triumph, Scarlet Gem, Nonpareil, Beauty Supreme, Louis Philippe, Queen of the Isles, Shylock, Duchess, Sir F. Bathurst;, Oakley's Gem; 2d, Mr. Black, gardener to E. Foster, Esq., Clewer Manor near Windsor, with Earl of Clarendon, Fearless, Richard Cobden, Mr. Seldon, Negro, Marchioness of Cornwallis, Fame, El Dorado, Sir F. Bathurst, Charles Turner, Seraph, Queen of Lilacs, Duke of Wellington, Black Prince, Princess Louisa, Essex Triumph, Princess Radziwill, Mynn, Shylock, Purple Standard, Duke of Cambridge, Unique Superb, Hector (Turner's), Andromeda; 3d, Mr. Allen, Shacklewell; 4th, Mr. Cook, Notting Hill; 5th, Mr. Weedon, Hillingdon. 12 blooms: 1st, Mr. Rowden, Adbury House near Newbury, with Earl of Clarendon, Mrs. Seldon, Hero, Marchioness of Cornwallis, Black Prince, Mr. Seldon, Richard Cobden, Duke of Cambridge, Seraph, Grenadier, Gem, Princess Radziwill; 2d, J. Edwards, Esq., Holloway, with Thames-bank Hero, Fearless, Andromeda, Beeswing, Duke of Cambridge, Duke of Wellington, Mr. Seldon, Earl of-Clarendon, Sir F. Bathurst, Snow-flake, Shylock, Black Prince; 3d, to Mr. White, Chelmsford; 4th, Mr. Bennett, Dulwich; 5th, Mr. Battie, Erith; 6th, Mr. Hunt, jun., Paddington.

Six Fancy Varieties

1st, Mr. Black, with Miss Compton, Elizabeth, Madame Bresson, Comte de Flandre, Miss Blackmore, and Gasparine; 2d, Mr. Robinson, with Comte de Flandre, Empereur de Maroc, Madame Bassaville, Floral Beauty, Lady m , Madame Wachy; 3d, C. Lockner, Esq., Paddington; 4th, Mr. Kowden.

Nurserymen, 24 Blooms

1st, Mr. C. Turner, Royal Nursery, Slough, with Grandis (Turner's), Sir F. Bathurst, Mrs. Seldon, Thames-bank Hero, Earl of Clarendon, Negro, Snow-flake, Mr. Seldon, Queen of Lilacs, Marchioness of Cornwallis, Richard Cobden, Andromeda, Black Prince, Miss Hawtrey, Essex Triumph, Duke of Wellington, Grenadier (Turner), Nonpareil, Duke of Cambridge, Utilis, Seraph, Frederick Jerome, Yellow Standard, Fearless. - Equal: 1st, Mr. J. Keynes, Salisbury, with Magnificent, Cleopatra, Princess Louisa, Snow-flake, Essex Triumph, Richard Cobden, Yellow Standard, Queen of the East, Bathonia, M. Gauberts, Sir F. Bathurst, Mr. Seldon, Mrs. Bacon, General Negrier, Marchioness of Cornwallis, Crocus, Toison d'Or, Miss Vyse, Fearless, Dulcet, Shy-lock, Golden Fleece, Buffalo Girl, Sarah; 3d, Mr. Bragg, Slough; 4th, Mr. Gurney; 5th, Mr. Hunt, Paddington.

Fancies, 12 Blooms

1st, Mr. C. Turner, with Striata perfecta, Belle de Nogent, Mrs. Hansard, Unique, Miss Compton, Elizabeth, Post-secretaire, Hane, Dulce's Lady Grenville, Jenny Lind, Mr. La-bouchere, Comte de Flandre; 2d, Mr. Keynes, with Miss Compton, Elizabeth, Highland Chief, Comte de Flandre, Bell Bouquet, Rainbow, Candidate, Striata perfecta, Miss Blackmore, Lady Grenville, Forget-me-not, Jeannette; 3d, Mr. Bragg.

Hollyhocks were shewn in spikes, and in capital condition, by Mr. Bircham of Hedenham, Norfolk, and by Mr. Chater of Saffron Walden: there were also numbers of single blossoms, which in this state looked miserable. They should be shewn in spikes, or not at all.

Verbenas were poor. Some pretty seedlings were sent by Mr. G. Smith.

Seedling Dahlias

These were more numerous than good. There were several useful flowers staged, but few novelties; among the latter, Mitchell's Queen of Beauties was the most attractive, colour waxy soft white, with clear rose tip, and very delicate, but apparently having a treacherous centre; the form of its petal and outline are good. Bragg's Admiral is a good useful lilac, and appeared to be very constant. Others consisted of Keynes' Summit of Perfection, dark purple; ditto, Honourable Mr. Herbert, shaded red and yellow, both full flowers; Stein's Nil Desperandum, good heavy scarlet; Turner's Grandis, much the same colour; Holmes' Barmaid, very promising white; ditto, Roundhead, dull buff, of fine form; Soden's Beauty of the Grove, small and neat, and the darkest flower we have seen. Edwards' Mrs. Hansard is a noble fancy, yellow tipped with white; this flower is large, and of very fine form, decidedly the best of its class. A large number of blooms were put up for inspection; but we were unable to ascertain which flowers received certificates, on account of the crowd which had assembled before the cards were put on.

Several other Dahlia-shows have taken place lately, which we shall take an early opportunity of noticing.