The last session of this Association was one of the most successful in its history. The attendance was so good, and the discussions so enthusiastically entered into, that the fear of our ever falling into a "mere mechanical routine," has been scattered to the winds. We are now under full sail in the eighth session, and if the splendid breeze with which we started will only continue to fill our canvas, we shall be able to present a very favourable account of our voyage next year. The following is a list of the subjects on which papers were read: Hardy-fruit culture; the Sweet Violet; the Grape Vine; Nature; the Cape Heath; the Banana; the Asparagus; the Chrysanthemum; the Classical Planting of Trees; Stove-Plants; Benefit Societies; "Water; the Cypripedium; Inequality of Rank and Condition; Reading; the Gathering and Storing of Fruit; the Creation; the Fuchsia; Propagation and After-treatment of Bedding-plants; Civilisation; Forcing Vegetables; The Conservatory; Savings Banks; Foremen and Workmen; Value; the Hardy Heath; Storing Ice; Formation of Vine-borders; Are the Joys of Labour sweeter than the Gifts of Fortune? Calendar for May; the Art of Thinking; Carnivorous Plants; Soils, their Management and Improvement; Hedges; Spring Bedding. Secretary.

Drumlanrig Gardeners' Mutual Improvement Association #1

The circling year having once more brought us round to the opening of another session, the following short report of the last one is presented in accordance with the annual custom. The attendance, which is one of the best criterions of a society's prosperity, was exceedingly good; and the same remark applies to the papers that were read. The discussions, as usual, were the most lively portion of the proceedings, and the manner in which they were engaged in showed the importance which the members attach to being fully posted up in the subjects. The Association is now in the tenth year of its existence - a fact which speaks for itself, and one which ought to gladden the hearts of the most sanguine of its originators. The following is a list of the subjects which engaged the attention of the members during the session : Eradication of Garden Insects; Protection of Wall-Fruits; Formation of Character; Certain Trades and Professions as Causes of Disease; Cultivation of the Cyclamen; Cultivation of the Azalea; Progress in Australia; The Pansy; Cultivation of the Strawberry; The Conservatory; Temperance; Forcing of the Fig; Government by Party; Does Civilisation necessitate Demoralisation? Food; Potato Disease; Cultivation of the Balsam; Cultivation of the Bouvardia; Movements of Plants; Garden-walks; Hardy Plants for Walls; Cultivation of the Raspberry; Pruning of outdoor Fruit-trees; The Camellia; "Man's Inhumanity to Man;" Hotbeds and their Uses; Cultivation of the Orange; Window-Plants, and their Injuriousness to Health. Secretary.