This prosperous Society held its Spring Show in the Glasgow City Hall on the 29th March. The early morning was characterised by an unusually severe frost for the season, and exhibitors had to take great precautions against its effects on the tender plants which they brought forward on this occasion. The day, however, proved auspicious, and the number of visitors who crowded the hall and side-rooms throughout the day was more than usually large. The exhibition, as a whole, was very creditable to all concerned. The Hyacinths, Tulips, and other spring bulbs were very robust and fine, especially the Hyacinths. So were the Azaleas, Deutzias, and fine-foliaged plants in the miscellaneous collections. Our space forbids us to notice the individual plants in the numerous classes. The following are the awards of the judges, who were: -

On Plants (Gardeners)

Mr George Johnstone, Glamis Castle; Mr William Currie, Hamilton Palace; Mr David Henderson, Wemyss Bay. On Plants (amateurs) - Mr William Thomson, The Gardens, Dalkeith Palace; Mr David Thomson, The Gardens, Drumlanrig Castle; Mr John Methven, The Gardens, Blythswood. On Hyacinths (gardeners and amateurs) - Mr John Downie, Edinburgh; Mr James Thomson, Summer Place, Edinburgh; Mr William Paton, Partick. On Crocus, Primulas, etc. - Mr James Forbes, Overtoun; Mr William Dickson, Crossflat Nursery, Paisley; Mr James M'Millan, Ers-kine Gardens.

Open To All

Collection of Plants - 1. Messrs J. & R. Thyne, Buchanan Street; 2. Jas. Graham, gardener to Sir George Campbell, Garscube; 3. John James, gardener to Mr George Duncan, Shettleston.

Collection of Dutch Bulbs, in bloom - Peter M'Kenzie, Gordon Street.

Six Plants for Table Decoration - 1. Messrs J. & R. Thyne; 2. John Craig, gardener to Mr John Reid, Glen Huntly, Port-Glasgow; 3. Robert Blair, gardener to Mr Wm. Hay, Eddington House, Langside.

Four Azaleas, varieties - 1. Wm. Boyd, gardener to Mr Thos. Findlay, Easterhill; 2. Robert Caskie, gardener to Mr Adam Graham, Thornwood, Partick; 3. Thos. Hogg, gardener to Mr David Tod, Ironbank, Partick.

One Standard Azalea - James Graham.

Three Rhododendrons, varieties - 1. Jas. Graham; 2. Alex. Walker, gardener to Mr Thomas Hill, Merry lee.

Six Trusses Rhododendrons, varieties - 1. James Graham; 2. Alex. Walker.

One Specimen Plant Deutzia - 1. Alex. Walker; 2. Wm. Boyd; 3. John Ingram, gardener to Mr John Gordon, Aikenhead.

Three Amaryllis, varieties - 1. H. W. Lewin, gardener to Col. Buchanan, Drurnpellier; 2. Jas. Graham; 3. Wm. Boyd.

Three Lycopods, varieties - 1. John M'Nab, gardener to Mr James Wilson, Trinidad Villa.

Two Camellias, in flower and pot - 1. James Graham; 2. George Robertson, gardener to Mr George Adam, Woodside, Greenock; 3. Alex. Walker.

Six Cyclamens, in flower and pot - 1. H. W. Lewin; 2. Allan Cameron, gardener to Mr A. Stewart, Rancliff Lodge, Langside; 3, Thos. Hogg.

Best Hyacinth (Macaulay) in the Exhibition - James Buchanan, gardener to Mr Alex. Miller, Busby.

A Hand Bouquet - 1. Robt. Taylor, gardener to Captain Stirling Stewart, Castlemilk; 2. Wm. Chrystal, gardener to Mr Wm. Whyte, Bankhead; 3. Jas. Milne Ramsay, Helensburgh.

For Nurserymen And Florists

Eighteen Hyacinths, distinct varie-tes, in pot - 1. Peter M'Kenzie; 2. J. & R. Thyne; 3. J. & A. Cairncross, Hamilton.

For Gardeners And Amateurs

Twelve Hyacinths, distinct varieties, in pot - 1. Wm. Boyd; 2. James Buchanan; 3. Matthew Miller, gardener to Mr Thos. Leadbetter, Alderbank, Both-well; 4. Geo. Irvin, gardener to Mr Thos. Blackwood, Woodhall, Port-Glasgow.

Six Hyacinths, distinct varieties, in pot - 1. James Forbes, gardener to Mr James White of Overtoun; 2. Matthew Miller; 3. A. Cameron.

Six Single and Six Double Hyacinths, distinct varieties, in pot - Geo. Irvin; Wm. Boyd (extra).

Three pots Polyanthus Narcissus, sorts - 1. Jas. Buchanan; 2. Wm. Boyd; 3. John Marshall, Parkhead.

Six pots Tulips, sorts - 1. Wm. Boyd; 2. Thos. Hogg.

Three pots Tulips, sorts - 1. Angus M'lntyre, gardener to Councillor M 'Culloch; 2. John Marshall; 3. Wm. Boyd.

Three pots Crocus, sorts - 1. Wm. Boyd; 2. Geo. Bauchope. gardener to Mr Wm. Mann, Inglefield House; 3. Wm. Cunningham, gardener to Mrs M'Causland, Gartcraig House.

Three Azaleas, varieties - 1. Robt. Caskie; 2. Jas. Buchanan; 3. Wm. Boyd.

Two Azaleas, varieties - 1. James Buchanan; 2. George Bauchope; 3. Robt. Caskie.

One specimen Azalea, in flower and pot - 1. Wm. Boyd; 2. Jas. Murray, gardener to Mrs Crum, The Rouken.

Three Stove Plants, varieties - 1. Jas. Buchanan; 2. Thomas Hogg.

Three Greenhouse Plants, varieties - 1. James Murray; 2. Robt. Caskie; 3. Thos. Hogg.

Two Camellias, varieties, in flower and pot - 1. Alex. Walker; 2. Peter M'Lellau, gardener to Mr Henry J. Taylor, Sprmgbank, Parkhead.

Three Ferns, varieties - 1. John Craig; 2. Thomas Hogg; 3. John James.

Three Cinerarias, varieties - 1. Neil Glass, gardener to Mr J. C. Bolton, Carbrook; 2. Andrew M'Lachlan, gardener, Dungourney House, Greenock; 3. Neil Campbell, gardener to Mr James Couper, Holmwood, Cathcart.

Two Epacris, varieties - 1. Robert Blair; 2. Angus M'lntyre; 3. Alexander Campbell, gardener to Colonel Latham, Seafield, Greenock.

One Specimen Plant Dielytra Spectabilis - 1. William Boyd; 2. Angus M'lntyre; 3. Alexander Walker.

One Specimen Plant Mignonette - 1. Allan Cameron; 2. Andrew M'Lachlan; 3. James Buchanan.

One Standard Mignonette - Andrew M'Lachlan.

Three Pans Lily of the Valley - 1. Wm. Boyd; Jas. Graham (extra).

Four Chinese Primulas - 1. Neil Campbell; 2. Robt. Blair; 3. Andrew M'Lachlan.

Six Blooms Camellias, varieties - 1. Alex. Campbell; 2. Geo. Robertson; 3. James Cant, gardener to Mr Robt. Cuthbert, The Craigs, Greenock.

A Haud Bouquet - 1. James Milne Ramsay; 2. Robt. Vallance, foreman, Overtoun Gardens; 3. Robt. Taylor; 4. Geo. Russell, gardener to Mr J. 1'. Mirrlees, Great Western Road.

For Amateurs

Six Hyacinths, distinct varieties, in pot - 1. Wm. Robertson, Albert Gardens; 2. And. Wilkie, Hutcheson-town Gardens; 3. Robt. Robertson, Albert Gardens; 4. Joseph Harris, Rutherglen.

Six Hyacinths, distinct varieties, in water - 1. James H. Sharpe, 108 Pol-lok Street; 2. Charles Rennie, Mungo-land, Falkirk; 3. John B. Wilson, tertins, 14 Moray Place; 4. Joseph Harris.

Three Hyacinths, distinct varieties, in pot - 1. Wm. Currie, Thornbank, Bothwell; 2. John Gardner, 73 Ab-botsford Place; 3. Wm Robertson.

Two Pots Polyanthus Narcissus.varieties - 1. Wm. Robertson; 2. John Marshall; 3. Andrew Wilkie.

Two Pots Tulips, varieties - 1. James Fleming, Old Man's Asylum; 2. Wm. Robertson; 3 John Marshall.

Two Pots Crocus, varieties - 1. John Marshall; 2. William M'lntosh, St Mungo Gardens.

Two Stove Plants, varieties - 1. Robert Robertson; 2. John B. Wilson, tertius; 3. Wm. Robertson.

Two Greenhouse Plants, varieties - 1. William Wright, Annfield, Airdrie; 2. William Robertson; 3. John B. Wilson, tertius.

One Azalea - 1. John B. Wilson, tertius; 2. David Coghill, Hutcheson-town Gardens.

One Camellia, in pot and bloom - 1. Wm. Wright; 2. John Marshall; 3. R. G. Stirling, Woodburn Cottage, Cathcart.

One Amaryllis - 1. Wm. Wright; 2. Wm. Robertson.

One Specimen Deutzia - 1. R. G Stirling; 2. Peter Fox, Victoria Gar-dens; .3. Jas. F. Mills, Hutcheson-town Gardens.

One Fern - 1. John B. Wilson, tertius; 2. Richard Cameron, Stewarton; 3. Peter Fox.

One Pan Lily of the Valley - Wm. M Intosh.

Two Pots Chinese Primulas - 1. Peter Fox; 2. Wm. Robertson; 3. Jas. F. Mills.

Ladies' Competition

Six Hyacinths, grown in water, and shown in glasses - 1. Mrs Jas. H. Sharpe, 108 Pollock Street; 2. Miss Cook, 47 Clarence Street; 3. Mrs John Wilson, 14 Moray Place.

Three Hyacinths, grown entirely in water - 1. Mrs James H. Sharpe; 2. Miss Cook; 3. Mrs William Robertson, 120 Nabnrn Street.


John Clasper, florist, Stewarton - small stove and greenhouse plants and seedlings; highly commended.

Wm. Montgomery, nurseryman, Haghill - stove and greenhouse plants; highly commended.

William Thomson, The Gardens, Dalkeith Palace - Grapes (white Lady Downes); highly commended.

John Methven, The Gardens, Blyths-wood - two bunches Grapes (Lady Downes); commended.

Andrew M'Lauchlan, Dungourney House, Greenock - bunch of last year's Grapes and Cucumbers; commended.

James Ollerhead, The Gardens, Kil-lermont - table bouquet; highly commended.

Robert S. Low, Cowgate, Kirkintilloch - flower - case and aquarium; commended.

Robert Brown & Son, Ferguslie Fireclay Works - splendid collection of vases, etc.

Hugh M'Kellar, ironmonger, 73 Argyll Street - iron flower-pots, etc.

Alexander Grant, 168 Trongate - magnificent display of artificial flowers.