The annual spring exhibition of the above Society took place in the Music Hall, George Street, Edinburgh, on the 31st March. The morning of the day was frosty, and though a number of plants suffered injury on their way to the exhibition from this cause, the show was one of the best the Society ever had, both as regards the subjects exhibited and the attendance of visitors. Ehododendrons were exhibited in greater numbers and in far finer condition than we ever saw them in Scotland before. Forced Roses were also far above the average of previous years. Azaleas were well bloomed, but their training was far too formal; they were like cones that had been turned in a lathe, and there was an excess of bloom,and too little foliage visible. The platform and orchestra were gorgeously filled by the splendid collections of Rhododendrons and Palms sent by Messrs Lawson, Mr Methven, and Dickson & Co. The Hyacinths we have seen more numerous, but never better. The collection of eighteen which took the first prize were especially excellent; these were exhibited by Mr Cowe, gardener, Luffnes?.

Forced Geraniums were fine for the season of the year. Fruit was represented by good Lady Downes Grapes from Balbirnie, splendid Pines from the Glen, and good examples of the same from Fordel, and Strawberries from Dalkeith. The vegetables in the winning stand were Asparagus, French Beans, Mushrooms, early Potatoes, Seakale, Rhubarb, Broccoli, and Brussels Sprouts.

The Edinburgh nurserymen, as usual, filled the side tables with collections of showy plants; Dickson & Sons sent Rhododendrons, forced Roses, Hyacinths, and foliage plants; Methven filled a table along the east side of the hall with similar plants, amongst which we noticed a very beautiful Hybrid Azalea named Hybrida. It is white, and resembles a Ghent Azalea, but has a much finer truss and larger blooms, the colour white. This will prove a very useful spring forcing plant.

Messrs Lawson sent a fine collection of Rhododendrons and foliage plants; Downie, Laird, and Laing a very interesting collection, amongst which we noticed the new Golden Coleus, and all the best varieties of the Tricolor Geraniums.

Drummoud Brothers filled a table with showy spring flowers, amongst which were pots of exceedingly well-grown Lily of the Valley. Amongst cut blooms we must not omit to mention a collection of very fine Rhododendron-blooms from Dysart House, amongst which Mr Pirrie sent Broughtoniana, Jean Stern- - this latter the finest truss of a Rhododendron we ever saw, the individual blooms of enormous size, white spotted, with dark spots in the throat - Prince Camile de Rohan, Alterclereuse, Cunninghami, and Elegans. Mr Pirrie also showed a number of trusses of a very showy pink seedling Rhododendron.

The Silver Cup given by Mr Mitchell, nurseryman, Hanover Street, for Azaleas, was won by Mr Marshall, gardener, Kingston Grange, with well-managed plants of Lilium Flora, Empress Eugenie, Criterion, and Stanleyanum. Mr Gordon of Niddrie showed larger plants equally well bloomed for this prize, but Mr Marshall's blooms were larger and the foliage better. Mr Gordon was, however, a good second.

The weak point of the Exhibition was a want of foliage plants and tree-ferns to take off the stiff appearance the over-trained and trimmed Azaleas and other formal plants gave the stages. There were many other subjects that deserve special notice, but the pressure on our space forbids it, and we must refer to the list of prizes for details.

The judges on the occasion were Messrs Thomson of Drumlanrig, Anderson of Oxenford, Lees'of Tyninghame; Henderson, .Cowden Castle; Gorrie, Raith; and Mackay of the Glen.

There was a dinner in the Albert Hotel at 3 o'clock, Professor Balfour in the chair, and Mr Keynes of Salisbury croupier. The following is the list of prizes awarded: -

Two Cape Heaths - John Currie, Salisbury Green.

Three Cinerarias - D. Marshall, Kingston Grange.

Four Greenhouse Plants - 1. D. Marshall; 2. R. Colville, Carlton Lodge.

Four foliage plants - R. Colville.

Six Camellia Blooms - 1. A. Robertson, Rockville; 2. R. Robertson, Sea Cot House, Leith.

Twelve Camellia Blooms (nurserymen) - J. Dickson & Sons.

Six Rhododendron Trusses - 1. Mr Pirrie, Dysart; 2. Messrs Dickson & Co.'

Hand Bouquet (nurserymen) - Mr Methven.

Hand Bouquet (gardeners) - 1. Jas. Gordon, Niddrie; 2. R. Robertson.

Table Bouquet - 1. T. Methven; 2. J. Jones, Bangholm Bower.

Three Pots Violets - 1. D. Kerr, Glencorse; 2. D. Marshall, Kingston Grange.

Two Pots Mignonette - J. Joss, Morn-ingside.

Four Pots Lily of the Valley - 1. A. Anderson, Oxenford; 2. Jas. Gordon, Niddrie.

Three forced Roses - James Gordon.

Two Single Chinese Primulas - James Gordon.

Two early forcing Geraniums - 1 and 2. John Jones.

One Pine-Apple - 1. Mr Mackay, Glen; 2. Mr Foulis, Fordell.

Thirty Strawberries - W. Thomson, Dalkeith.

Two Bunches Grapes - 1 and 2. W. Temple, Balbirnie.

Twelve Apples - 1. T. Lees, Tyn-ninghame; 2. Mr Anderson, Oxenford.

Twelve Pears - 1. Mr Anderson; 2. Mr Temple.

Twelve stalks Rhubarb - 1. John Fraser, Belmont; 2. Mr M'Lean, In-verkeitbing.

Six Heads Seakale - 1. James Gillon, Ormiston; 2. J. Fraser.

Three Broccoli - 1. Mr Thomson, Dalkeith; 2. J. Gordon.

Six Leeks - 1. J. Jones; 2. Thomas Fairley, Henderson Row.

One Pint Mushrooms - 1. Mr Thomson, Dalkeith; 2. Mr Anderson.

Four Indian Azaleas (Special Prize) - 1. D. Marshall, Kingston Grange; 2. James Gordon; 3. John Cowe, Luff-ness.

Eighteen Hyacinths (Nui'serymen) - 1. Messrs Dickson & Sons.

Eighteen Hyacinths (Gardeners) - 1. Mr Cowe; 2. Mr Currie; 3. Mr Cowe.

Twelve Hyacinths - 1. Mr Young; 2. Mr Paul, Gilmore Place.

Nine Hyacinths - 1. William Laird, Kinnellan; 2. A. Glen, Rosehall; 3. A. Dougall, Beeslack.

Six Hyacinths - John Fraser, Belmont; 2. R. Colville, Carlton Lodge 3. R. Robertson, Seacot.

Six Hyacintbs (Amateurs) - W. Young; 2. Mr Paul; 3. Mr Campbell, Castle Street.

Six Hyacinths (Glasses - Ladies) - Miss Inglis, 14 Hill Street.

One Single Hyacinth - Mr Currie.

One Double Hyacinth - Mr Cowe.

Two Camellia Plants (Gardeners) - Mr Glen.

Six Ferns - 1. Mr Currie; 2. Mr Colville.

Six Ferns (Nurserymen) - Messrs Downie, Laird, & Laing.

Four Pots Polyanthus Narcissus - 1. Mr Currie; 2. Mr Jones.

Six Pots Tulips - 1. Mr Marshall; 2. Mr Paul, Gilmore Place.

Six Rhododendrons - 1. Mr Methven; 2. Dickson & Co.; 3. Mr Anderson.

Dark and Light Rhododendrons - Mr Laird.

Standard Azalea - 1. Mr Currie; 2. Mr Gordon, Niddrie.

Two Azalea Indica - 1. Mr Cowe; 2. Mr Marshall.

Three Azalea Indica - 1. Mr Gordon 2. Mr Marshall.

Two eight-inch Azalea Indica - 1. Mr Jones; 2. Mr Cowe.

Two Deutzia gracilis - 1. Mr Gordon; 2. Mr Marshall; 3. Mr Anderson.

Extra award for six Greenhouse and Stove Plants - Mr Currie.

Do. - Mr Henderson, Duncliffe.

Mr Marshall, Kingston Grange, was awarded the Silver Cup for tho best four Indian Azaleas.

Best Basket Vegetables - l.W. Thomson; 2. M. Temple.