Among the opportunities which the climate of this country presents, and especially those portions of it which lie south of Philadelphia, there are few greater than those which "Spring gardening" presents; and yet how rarely if ever it is attempted. It may be urged that the effect is not lasting, but this objection may also be urged against Summer bedding in another degree. I have said that the country south of the Delaware is the most suitable. I may be wrong, yet it has seemed to me that the Spring is longer in these parts; at all events such flowers as are useful would be over by the tenth of May, thus leaving ample time to prepare the beds for their Summer occupants.

As a small contribution I append a list of such trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants as are now (May 1st) in flower, and feel satisfied that the latter are very poorly represented. Among trees, Rosales cut the most important figure, the most showy being among the genus Primus and Pyrus.

Acer laciniatum, etc. Alyssum saxatile. Anemone tanacetifolium.

" Hepatica. Arabia alpina. Aquilegia Canadensis.

" coerulea, Ac. Adonis vernalis. Amelanchier canadensis. Berberis aquifolia.

" fascicularis.

" repens. Betula pumila. Bellis perennis. Cercis japonicus, etc. Cornus floridus. Crataegus tanacetifolia. Dicentra Canadensis.

" spectabilis. Dodecatheon Meadia, Exochorda grandiflora. Forsythia Fortunei. " suspensa. viridissima. Helleborus viridis. Hyacinthus vars. Iberis sempervirens Iris florentina.

" nanus vars. Kerria japonica.

Magnolia conspicua. purpurea. vars.

Myosotis dissitiflora.

Narcissus sps. and vars. Ornithogalum umbellatum.

Pulmonaria coerulea. Phlox divaricatus. " perfoliata verna. " subulata. " s. alba. " s.occulata. Prunus domesticus fl. pl. nana. " Persica " " rosea. " " alba, Ac. "cerassus fl. pi. " rosea. " " rosea. *' " alba. " japonicus. albus. Pyrus floribundus, etc. " japonicus vars. Populustremuloides pendulus. Rhododendron (azalea) amoena Ribes aurea. Spiraea Reevesii. Salix laurina. Syringa sps. and vars. Staphylea pinnata.

" trifolia. Saxifraga cordifolia. crassifolia. Sedum acre. Tulipa vars. Viola pedata. " striata. " tricolor, etc. Viuca minor vars. Viburnum sps. Wistaria sinensis vars.