Azalea, Queen Of India

Messrs. Aguste VanGeert & Co., Ghent, Belgium, have issued a beautiful colored lithograph of this new double Azalea, which really seems a great step in advance, though new Azeleas are very abundant. The flowers are represented as four inches across, crimson, rose, with mottled white on the edges. The interior petals are numerous as in Double Petunias, and of the same shades of color as in the five very broad outer petals.

Begonia Prismatocarpa

This is an attractive little plant for a stove or intermediate house. The foliage is small, and the plant is very dwarf; the flowers are pale yellow, the perianth segments being faintly streaked with orange near the base. It succeeds in a pan three to four inches deep with a soil of peat, loam, and sand, and requires good drainage. It is a native of Fernando Po. - Journal of Horticulture.

New Camelias

The improved Camelias still continue popular in England. Some seedlings by Mr. C. M. Hovey, of Cambridge, Mass., have been well received; and plants of them sold by auction have brought good prices.


C.E.P., asks : "Have any readers of the Gardeners' Monthly succeeded in raising Mesembryanthemum cordi-folium varigatum or Coboea scandens variegata from seed?"


C. E. P., inquires: "Will you please inform me through the Gardeners' Monthly what is the difference between Abu-tilon Mesopolamicum and A. vexillarium? I always supposed that they were the same, but in the catalogue of the Greenbrook and Pater-son Nurseries for 1879, I notice that they are described as different and distinct varieties. In what respect do they differ ? And in what respect does A. vexillarium differ from A. vexillarium brillatissimum? Is it an improvement in name only?"

Rust On Gloxinias

J. W. H. Ardmore, Pa., asks : "Can any one give a remedy for rust on Gloxinias?" It is one of the most serious enemies to the culture of this beautiful tribe of plants; and is much worse to contend with than the rust on Verbenas. It has compelled many to wholly give up growing them, and we are sorry to say that no remedy is known.

Seedling Petunias

G. T., St. Louis. "Enclosed you will find two seedlings we raised. If they keep good, tell me what you think of them through the Gardeners' Monthly".

[Dry cotton is not good for packing flowers. They were dry as hay by the time they reached here. - Ed. G. M].