The Wheelbarrow

Pascal, the philosopher, born 1623, we are assured the world over was the inventor of the wheelbarrow. How long it took to find this indispensable machine more useful, perhaps, than Babbage's Calculator, and then Schentzl's, and now Thompson's. The English government expended for Babbage's intended machine seventy thousand pounds, and the result is an unfinished affair placed in the keeping of King's College, London. We can do without it, but who would say the same of the wheelbarrow ?

Black Walnut

A correspondant who possesses, as he believes, the largest Black Walnut tree in the Eastern States, and which he wishes to sell, had the curious reason given for non-purchase, that trees near mansions had almost always a ring for hitching, or a horse-shoe im-beded out of sight. These would surely injure the saw. It is probable that experience has taught the sawyer to beware. Moral - Don't put iron into trees.

Sedum Acre

C. E. S. is correct about this plant. Many thanks for the suggestion. There is, of course, no such plant as Sedum "acer".

The Bulb Season

Mr. J. H. Krelage writes from Haarlem that the committee of Dutch bulb merchants have requested purchasers to give the growers more time than usual in which to make shipments, as the very rainy season has been unfavorable to the rapid drying of the bulbs.

Glasnevin Botanic Gardens

It is beginning to be a complaint in England, as well as in our country, that favoritism and not merit often fills good situations. The successor to David Moore, of the Glasnevin Botanic Gardens, is Mr. F. W. Burbidge, and it is pleasant to know that if there were favoritism here, the merit was at least its equal.

Col. Wilder

Our readers will be glad to know that Col. Wilder has so far recovered from his serious accident of some months ago as to be able to walk to his greenhouses by the help of a. man and a cane, and to walk about his library wholly unaided. It is too much to expect that he will preside at the meeting of the American Pomological Society at Rochester; but he will at least be able to prepare the address, which is more than was hoped for some time ago.

Gardening Illustrated

This is a new cheap horticultural venture in England, which Mr. Robinson of the Garden, has added to his cares. It is only a penny - two cents a week. We hope it will add as much to his pocket, as it does to his credit. Then he will be rich.