Miss Carrie Brown, in her report on botany to the Montgomery Co., Horticultural Society of Dayton Ohio, has this to say for plant culture at the soldiers' home of that city:

"Mr. Beck, the well-known landscape gardener at the home, has already made a beginning in the way of a collection of native ferns. Every one who visited the home last Summer, must have noticed the rock-work in the ravine encircling the large flower bed at the western end of the garden. Upon this rock-work Mr. Beck has now many varieties of native ferns, and proposes to keep adding to them as he is able, and will be glad to plant there any contributions of ferns, that this society or any others may send him. It is also his expectation to make in the space inclosed by the rock-work just mentioned, a pond, in which to raise native aquatic plants, and has already several varieties of water-lilies to plant in it. And here he will place any contribution suitable for such a location".