Mrs. Fanny E. Briggs, writes: "There is an error in my last letter in the Gardener's Monthly, which I should be very glad to see corrected. It is on page 121. What I wrote was this: ' Who is it that sings of a clime, Where simply to feel that we breath, that we live, Is worth the best joy that life elsewhere can give.'

I think I may have written the words ' that we live ' above the remainder of the line to save space, and that this was the cause of the mistake. If you will kindly correct this time, I will be more cautions in future".

[The error came about, as our correspondent supposes, from her own interlineation. The compositor was excusable this time, though he is often guilty of innumerable sins. - Ed. G. M.]'

"A Department of 'Notes and Queries' is good, why not also open a 'Department of Exchanges' whereby I can exchange the seed of Yucca filamentosa for Dahlia bulbs with some one having a surplus of the latter ? I hear a regular newspaper is chiefly sustained in England, on Exchanges. If the 'Barbarians' cut our Park Hemlock for Easter greens the gentleman had better duplicate his gift of 10,000 evergreens so as to have enough to spare".

[In the first place we have no room in a small monthly magazine for such a department;. and secondly, we are not sure of the propriety of compelling thousands of persons to read what might perchance interest but a few score. We have now a place for "Queries;" but we may give this space on the principle that the question with the answer may possibly interest the majority of readers. Exchanges would only be for individual benefit, and should properly be found in the Advertising Department. The individual who wishes to exchange Yucca filamentosa seed for Dahlia roots, seems to us on precisely the same footing as one who wishes to exchange a sugar maple for a dollar; that is to say, he should advertise. - Ed. G. M].